Oct 12 2007
11:26 am

Hey guys,

I do not want to cause a ruckus, but does any one know anything about the proposed TVA Class 2 Landfill over at the steam plant? It looks to me like it will be on the shore of the peninsula point directly across fron Lakewood Road. There was a notice in the paper and I missed it. A kind lady asked me about it at the Kingston Country Fair and when I said I had not seen it, she went home and brought it back to me. I know that for an industrial site, the steam plant is not too unattractive. Will the land fill change that? Will it affect our water? The documents pertaining to it are at the Library. Has anyone seen them?

How about the Environmental Review Board? Is this an item for their discussion? The paper says they are taking comments until October 31, 2007.

Just watching out for our community,
Wendy @ KRB

I know nothing about the

I know nothing about the project, but it's probably for fly ash and slag. Yes, it would be unattractive, but it's better than having it go up the smoke stack.

EDIT: It appears this is part of a project to install new sulfur dioxide scrubbers. A by-product of the process is gypsum. They'll try to sell the gypsum commercially, but the landfill (ponds really)will hold the excess. Here's a link to a environmental assessment report.


Thank you for the link. I will share it with a few concerned and I will look at it too.

Wendy @ KRB

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