Oct 9 2007
09:00 pm
By: WhitesCreek

Kingston 4, Oliver Springs 0

But it was a better game than that score shows. OS is getting better each year.


Update: Senior Night pix are up now

Love the soccer pics!

WC - those are more good uns! Was this today?

Got kids or grandkids playing for the girls?

Your camera does a very creditable job of catching action. Nice.


This game was Tuesday Oct. 9, at 6 pm

Thanks RB.

I also shoot the East Tennessee State University Men's team. It's a privilege to prowl the sidelines and be that close to the action.

ETSU Men's Soccer


Those are indeed nice photos, Whitescreek. :)

I must say I am a little ambivalent over the high school shots, and so is my mom. Improbably, I used to play center forward in high school soccer way back when, and would not have wanted my picture in the paper at all, much less on the web for all the world to see for posterity. :( My mom feels even more strongly; she says she would have been "mortified" if such a picture of her had ever appeared in the paper. Thank goodness no one took pictures of girls' high school sports back then, at least in our parts of the country!

We were both raised back in the dark ages when exercise was still considered unfeminine. I felt guilty about playing sports back then because of that stigma, but played them anyway. Still, the possibility of having photos taken would probably have kept many girls back then from participating.

Of course you do have signed electronic publication photo releases from the minors and their parents or guardians? We would both feel less uneasy if we knew your answer for sure. :) The pictures are very nice, but we worry a bit because it is a dangerous world out there.

-- OneTahiti

Not to worry

The parents and players are on board with the posting of the pictures, though, and I have asked if anyone wants theirs withheld.

I understand your concern, but it falls into the same category as a newspaper photographer at a scheduled school competition.

Individual Signed releases are unecessary at TSSAA events. There are rules that have to be followed, though they are not restrictive and anyone may request that their photos not be published in newspapers, etc.

The rules have odd things in them, such as only allowing one tripod at a game for each team, but allowing any number of handheld cameras. I don't get that one.

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