Aug 21 2007
02:36 pm
By: WhitesCreek

Anybody have the latest on Broadband Service for the "rest" of Roane County?

I saw something about Harriman reviewing their cable contract. Is enhanced broadband service with better distribution and coverage going to be included in that?


Rumor has it that Crystal Cove now has DSL available. <!--break--> I have verified that the rumor is true and some Crystal-Covians now have real DSL seervice. These neighbors have been very supportive of our two year battle to obtain some kind of BroadBand service and their victory is encouraging to the rest of us lost souls. Their advice is to call 1-877-ANSWERS = 1-877-267-9377 and ask where you are on thier priority list. (calls taken M-F. 8am to 7pm EDT)

I was told I could get DSL

I was told I could get DSL service. The installation tech worked his tail off but not only did I not get DSL...My regular service was screwed up for almost two weeks.

It's a tricky thing.

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