Oct 9 2007
01:02 pm
By: WhitesCreek

Wylamena said some things that deserve more attention than just sitting in the comments.

So what IS the right thing to say when you come face to face with someone who just tossed trash onto our County?

Wyalema's link leads to the

Wyalema's link leads to the page where you can report litter I was looking for.

Creek, Depending on my mood, I will sometimes honk (if I am in my car), or tell the person I don't appreciate them littering, but I doubt most people do this, and it seems to surprise the litterers. Cigarette butts especially bother me since they (1) are on fire, (2) seemingly never go away, and (3) unlike food and beverages, are not necessary to sustain human life. Having picked up trash, I know all of those butts are the most frustrating.

"Pick it up and take it to your house"

And I've followed people home to see they didn't dump elsewhere. It's risky business and not sound advice to offer but it really annoys me when someone takes that kind of permission at everyone else's expense!


Hey guys,

Remember that safety is key! We want the litter to stop, but we do live in a country where people have the right to bear arms! Another thing being done is to find a piece of mail in that trash and send a note to the individual that their mail was in trash found on the roadside. It then asks them to please go by and pick it up so that it is not required to turn it over to the police.

Sometimes it works!

Anyway, be safe!

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