Oct 9 2007
07:23 am
By: WhitesCreek

Whoever walked around in the "Phil Meeyup" suit at the Fair deserves a medal of some sort. It has to be really hot inside there.

I think of Keep Roane Beautiful as a crime prevention organization. Every piece of litter is a crime. Tossed from a car, it is supposed to be a ticket and points, but I doubt if a ticket for littering has been issued in recent memory.

Keep Roane Beautiful can be reached at 865-882-0030 or krbinc@bellsouth.net

How hot was it?...


It was vey hot in that trash can. Much kudos to Cristina, Bev and Brenda for the work they do with Phil Me Up and Phillus Up. They go to the schools to teach the children about environmental responsibility. We hope you see Phil and Phillus all over Roane County this year. If anyone wants to invite Phil and Phillus to their events, you can schedule KRB by contacting us at (865) 882-0030 or e-mail: krbinc@bellsouth.net

Wendy Jackson
Keep Roane Beautiful

I know it wasn't many, but a

I know it wasn't many, but a couple of citations for littering were written and went to court in June in Rockwood. I was at the Kingston Country Fair, and Phil and Phillus really deserve a lot of thanks. Ray Collett

Good to hear that

So the Rockwood police are writing tickets.

I wonder if an educational campaign by the officers of the county would be more effective?

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