Oct 8 2007
10:17 am
By: WhitesCreek

"I'm not sure he's that interested in politics," Rep. Davis said. "I'm not sure he has that drive and desire in him."

Harold Ford, Jr. doesn't have "drive and desire"?

Lincoln, you can say a lot of things about Harold but Brother, I've seen very few people on this planet with more drive and desire.

Lincoln Davis out's himself as a candidate for governor in 2010.

Sources have it that Lincoln and Harold will kiss and make up, and try to do this before Harold appears on Fox TV tonight.

HFJ comes off looking good...Lincoln..not so much, but with an excellent staff with good firefighting skills.

Given the choice...

If the two were my only choice, Lincoln would get my vote in about 1.5 heartbeats. I'm not interested in any more taste of Ford Dynasty in Tennessee. Based on what I heard in the last 3 years in trips to Memphis, ask a Memphian where the Fords live. I ain't goin there.

I've met with Lincoln, talked with him, eaten with him in Nashville, gotten to know him a bit, and occasional foot-in-mouth notwithstanding, to me there's no comparison. All the foot-in-mouth incident means is he's less than perfect, but open.

Non-issue for me, if the two were the only choices.


I'd be in a quandary

Lincoln would be a moderate Republican in some ways and a not so moderate Republican in others. He only looks like a Democrat because the republicans teeter so far out on the right side of the saw. I like Lincoln and really like his top notch staff...But I disagree with several of his positions. Having said that, we've worked together on several important issues and Lincoln has been responsive.

Harold is a bit of an enigma to me, but I strongly supported him against Corker and still do. I certainly don't hold his family against him, but I understand that some folks will judge him unfairly and not on his own merits. Harold has shown that he can play at the highest levels and keep his composure.

We'll certainly have an interesting Primary if this holds up.

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