Jun 1 2009
07:19 am

By Ray Collett

Hello Readers, These weeks sure pass by fast don't they. It must be because we are getting older. Let's go right to the email bag and see what some of our readers have been up to since high school...The first one is from Arlene Sorrick Hoskins (Class of 1950)..Here is what Arlene had to say...

My parents, 2 youngest brothers and I moved to Rockwood just before school started in 1946. My freshman year. We lived in the Kingwood Homes below the Highway Patrol office. Did you know that it was nicknamed "Cess Pool Boulevard" by some of the people in town? If you had lived there, you could really smell the reason for that at times. It wasn't always that way but sometimes it was pretty bad. I think it was just the lower houses that had the scent. Don't know what caused it. We lived next door to JoAnn Evans and her family but they moved to Maryville the next year. Shortly after they moved my family moved out on Black Jack Road.

I had joined the Drill Team and many days I would walk home from school with Mary Ellen Lents Griffin after practice. Mary Ellen is still a wonderful friend. I would walk from Dunn Street to Black Jack Road to get home and I would see two of the cutest little boys playing in their backyard and found out they were Scotty and Billy Ferrell.

To show how our lives intertwine with others.........Scotty Ferrell has been my son-in-law for over 30 years!! He married my daughter, Jo Ann Watson and I still think he is one cute kid! I love him dearly.

Keep up the Memories letters. I really have enjoyed the 2 done good, buddy.

Arlene S. Hoskins

Thanks a lot Arlene, it is always good to hear from you...And also from the Class of 1950, here is what Jim Archey had to say.

Ray, I have really enjoyed reading all of your Rockwood memories letters and thought I might add Jim Archey life's history to the list as my whole life was a product of the people of Rockwood with the teaching of Mildred Lindsay, the coaching of Reeves Derryberry, the families connected with sports like the Evans, Bowman and Roberts families and outstanding athletes like Barry Norton and Johnny Lawson. I came to Rockwood in the fall of 1947, living in Pond Grove with my brothers Bob and Charley before moving to Eureka and entering Rokwood High. I was one of the few ball players who wore the orange and black and then later on the green and white uniforms plus playing basketball in the old cracker box before moving into the new gym in 49. Upon graduation went to TPI, joined the National Guard which was activated in 1959 and sent to Fort Devens, Mass. While there I married my high school sweetheart, Lois Butler, who I was with for almost 50 wonderful years and 4 children. The Army selected me for more leadership training sending me to Ft Dix, Fort Benning and then to Trieste, Italy to be assigned to the 88th Blue Devil Division, 351st RCT. I was lucky enough to be able to play basketball, football, and baseball on special duty almost all of the time I was there. Upon returning home I was able to secure employment with the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. working into middle management and being assigned to 15 major cities in the eastern part of the US, still playing semi-pro football and baseball until my early 30s. Upon taking early retirement after 30 years and age 55 I retired to Fl and AAA found out I had a lot of training in ballroom dancing and hired me to take dance cruises and bus tours thru out the world. Some of my best trips were to Alaska, South America, Egypt, Spain, Italy, Mexico and quite a few to the Caribbean. Since my wife died I am now with the 2nd wonderful woman in my life, Ava Burns and we are continuing traveling and have timeshares in Branson, Maimi, and Gatlinburg and try to make at least one cruise a year. Even though I am getting close to 80, I am very active in sports, with golf 4 days a week and softball, 3 days a week. I play softball for the world famous Kids and Kubs, who have been world champions twice and are the worlds oldest softball team being a organization for 79 years. I, and the club, had the honor of representing the United States vs. Japan in Hawaii at Pearl Harbor last year and part of our club just returned from a tour of Japan representing the US. Quick note the last game was US 20, Japan 0. .Keep up the fine work!!!!!!!!

Jim Archey\
class of l950
And one from Chester Taylor...
Ray, Here is our history after leaving Rockwood in 1961. You can move away but you can't leave.

Chester and Virginia (East) Taylor 1960--1961

Where are we now, and what has happened over all these years

Virginia and I dated the whole time she was in Rockwood High School. We were married on ay the 28th. Three days after she graduated. We moved to Camp Lajeune N.C. Where I was serving in the Marines. We had our first son at the Navel Hospital in Nov. of 1963. From there we moved to Texas, then to Michigan in 1965. I became an Ironworker and worked in most of the auto plants all over the state. Our 2nd. Son was born in Flint MI. in 1966. From there we moved to Saginaw MI. then to Merrill MI. where we have lived to date. Our 3rd.son was born in Saginaw MI. in 1973.
Virginia and I were both in the Michigan J.C'.s for several years. We did the Boy Scot thing when the boys were at that age. We did all the Little League stuff and the other youth activities.
I helped coach the JV team for awhile, until I almost got ran over on the sidelines one night, and then I started scouting for the team. I did that for several years and then started taping all the football games for the JV and the Varsity. I have been doing that for about 10 yrs. Get in the games free and have the best seat in the house. If the weather is good I am on the roof and if it is bad I am in the press box. (what a job)
Virginia was on the Library Board for over 30 yrs. Several years as the president and the past several as the recording secutary I earned my Black Belt in Karate and taught unti an on the job accident brought that to an end in 1987.
In 1993 Virginia and I started the Merrill Community Scholarship Fund. Each scholarship is for $500.00. So far this year we have raised enough money for 6 scholarships. That will make a total of 112 scholarships for a total of $56,000.00. Not bad for a town of between 780 and 800 people
Our oldest son works at Wayne State University in Detroit. The second one is an attorney in Ann Arbor MI. He is married and has three kids, two boys and a girl. The 3rd son just got married las June. He works for the State of Michigan out of an office in Saginaw MI.

I have had to do a lot of different jobs over all those years. Here are a few of them. As you can see I really had to diversify to stay in the game.

Computers Verified*Ace Welding*Faces Hurt
Bridges Built* Coffins Repossessed*Porno Talent Scout
Karate Instructor 4th Dan**Pooper Scoopers Disinfected**
C.C. Taylor
20130 Gratiot Rd.
Merrill, MI. 48637
(989) 643-5541 **
Revolutions Started**Orgies Organized**Brothels Inspected
Rivers Rerouted**Guppies Bred**Virgins Converted
Snakes Shod**Uprisings Quelled**Toothpicks Sharpened
Saloons Emptied**Interstates Designed**Dice Loaded
I have some great memories of life in Rockwood. When I was a kid I could not even think of living anywhere else.
After moving around some I discovered that the world was a little bit bigger than what I had known all my life, but that little corner of the world will always hold a big place in my life. We have been in Michigan for 44 years and still we say we are going BACK HOME for a visit. It has changed but it is still the same. Anyone that has moved away will know what I am talking about

Chester and Virginia (East) Taylor


Whew, quite a resume Chester, do you REALLY do all of those things? Time and space has about run out for this week, keep the emails coming, it is so good to hear from all of you. Our readers list has grown to nearly 1175 people now. I am trying to find those two AWOL sailors that i wrote about last week. Who knows, they might be found. Wouldn't it be nice to find them and bring them back to Rockwood for a few days.....Don't forget our big RHS Reunion June 8th thru June 13..This is expected to be the biggest and best ever. Also Rockwood is celebrating Flag Day June 14th 2009 downtown at Homecoming Park with a Kidney Foundation Drive and proceeds will be donated in the memory of the late Beverly Stroh...Gospel Music, Classic Cars, BBQ Sandwiches and hot dogs will be available....Hope to see you there, ......Until Next Week, Ray

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