Oct 8 2007
07:03 am

Would somebody ask them to publish their e-mail addresses?

And ask them what happened to the lighting proposal so that we could see our stars again...or at least keep what's left.

I spent Saturday night at 3300 feet in the mountains and had the difference in our night sky put in stark contrast. This morning, as I looked up at Orion, I couldn't help but think what a simple thing this is. Why can't we get it done?

Or even better...Why haven't we heard any discussion on this? It just disappeared from the Commission's radar screen with no public comment. If they can't even talk about a simple lighting proposal in public, what else is going on in the hallways?

Well, ONE thing that's happened about the lighting issue...

Is that they've figured out they don't have the legal authority to legislate by ordinance. That means they can't put in criminal penalties (e.g. fines or jail time) for violating what they say. That's pretty crippling. Absent other significant changes in the way the County Commission can legislate - changes that would require action at the level of the state legislature - they're hamstrung legally.


No way, RB

That stuff was worked out. Something else happened. All I want is some kind of communication as to what is going on from the commissioners.

We're left out here in the not-dark wanting to know the info that went into the non-decision. What ever happened, it didn't happen under the "sunshine".

Was it?

Question is not to dispute - but to ask how it was worked out.

Did they find out they COULD legislate ordinances with fines, etc?

If not,what did they found out that cleared the way to make such an ordinance?

BTW - County Commission had no meeting tonight. The meeting is scheduled for next week.



"What ever happened, it didn't happen under the "sunshine"."

Are we claiming a violation of the sunshine law?

Based on the stuff they're facing... pissy little stuff like financing schools, the jail, etc, etc, it MIGHT just be that they have other things on their plate that have a priority. Just maybe? Perhaps?


There are tons of ways to handle this

I've even offered to supply them with sample ordinances from other communities that successfuly deal with this problem. It's not very hard and should be done.

And RB, please don;t give me that they're working too hard on other issues. The one commissioner I talked to about the new Industrial Park hadn't even read the agreements to the point of being able to answer my questions intelligently.

they have spent a lot of time on the jail, which I would place well down the list in my priorities, but very little actual work on the school situation. Essentially, the school board works their tails off to make a presentation to the Commission and the Commission seems to say, "Not right now" and that's aboout it.

The problem is that they've been collectively saying this for 50 years and Roane County can't stand this and stay competitive.

Well, WC, of course what you assume may be true...

... And it is obvious that your grasp of all the issues attending is far greater than mine... However the fact remains that you are assuming the general from the specific in assuming all commissioners are the way you found the one to be. Although I obviously don't know the one to whom you're referring, and absolutely cannot speak with any authority to his or her attitude or aptitude, there ARE those who whom I HAVE spoken personally and have gained some information from, and whose attitude and aptitude differ from the one whom you, without a doubt, have accurately assessed. Perhaps the disparity is in the differing commissioners.

And perhaps the jail is way down the list of your priorities. You certainly have a right to your own priorities. So, for the sake of clarity, is the financial damage that could be done to the county by not dealing with the jail a lower priority than limiting lighting, in your estimation? Should a lighting ordinance be higher priority than that? Or higher than the schools? Where does it come in overall priorities for the county to deal with?

My apologies for differing with you.


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