Deleting the thumbnail of an "image entry" in RoaneViews seems to be a Bad Idea.

Corvus has been doing some experimenting :) with the recipe he wrote from my directions that he calls "OneT's recipe." That recipe is for adding images to blog entries.

Corvus has been adventurously trying to adapt it for image entries as well.

One thing we learned is that if you delete the thumbnail from an image entry, it will mess up the screen when that image is randomly chosen for the Around Roane thumbnail in the upper right-hand column.

When there is no thumbnail, the RoaneViews software as it currently is configured will put the entire large image into the thumbnail spot, making the right-hand column very wide and messing up the design.

Until we figure the image-handling parameters out better, I do not recommend deleting the thumbnail in an "image entry."

-- One Tahiti

Image Entries

O.K. One-T - I deleted the "big" image.
But I thought it was kinda "cool" and thought I had invented the wheel once again.
Thanks for all your help and spiritual guidance !!


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