While quite a number of folks are adding comments (also called "replies") to the original posts of others, relatively few are starting "front-page" threads like this one themselves. Since it is not difficult to do, here are some directions to help you along.

To add an original posting to RoaneViews, so that it is not just a reply to someone else, but instead gets "front-page" status at roaneviews.com ((link...)):

1. Sign in if you haven't do so already. This will give you a personal menu in the left-hand column headed by your user name.

2. In your personal menu on the left, choose "Create Content."

illustration of choosing Create Content

Next, on the Create Content page, choose "Blog Entry."
illustration of choosing Blog Entry

This will bring you to your "Submit Blog entry" page.

Don't worry about it being called a blog. You won't be stuck being some official blogger. That is just what the RoaneViews software calls your list of original posts. It isn't really a blog unless you want it to be.

3. Once you are in the "Submit Blog entry" page, fill in the form. It looks a lot like the form for replying to someone else's post.

How to fill in the Submit Blog entry form

1. The form has a place for the "Title" you want your new "front-page" article to have. Make sure you enter a title.

illustration of typing in the title for your new message

2. OPTIONAL. The form also has a place for you to choose the category you think best describes your new message. Highlight the category that suits you best.

illustration of choosing in the optional category for your new message

3. OPTIONAL. Next is a place to add keywords (called "Tags") for your message. Type in your list of desired keywords, separated by commas. For example, if your post is about our schools and education, use "schools,education" (without the quotes) as your tags.

illustration of choosing in the optional tags (keywords) for your new message

4. Next is a box in which to enter the body of your message. Enter your message; it can be even very long. You can type it in directly or paste it in from your word processor or text editor.

illustration of entering text into the body of your new message

5. Make sure you are a polite front-page article writer; add a "teaser break" code that tells the front-page software where to add a "Read more..." break. Add the "teaser break" a few lines into your message, no more. Usually you would add the "teaser break" at the end of a sentence.

To add a "teaser break:" Click your cursor at the point you want the "Read more..." text to appear. Then click on the teaser break icon in the line of tools icons just above the box for entering the message body. The "teaser break" icon is the second from the right, a tiny pale blue (grey?) horizontal rectangle with a horizontal line through its middle and a little circle at its lower right:

illustration of entering teaser break into the body of your new message

After you enter the teaser break, it will automatically show in your text as a special code (<!--break-->):
illustration of teaser break code that gets inserted into your message

6. OPTIONAL. When you are done typing your message, click on the Preview button at the bottom of the page to check it.

click on the preview button to preview your message

7. When your message looks the way you want it, don't forget to click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page to save it.

click on the submit button to save your message

Don't worry; you may always go back and edit it in case you spot a typo later. To edit, click on "edit" under the message.

8. Make sure you go to the RoaneViews.com front page ((link...)) to check your work! You especially want to make sure that you got your teaser break in so that you are a good front-page neighbor. Your message should appear about the size of the others on the front page.

Go back and edit—even a few times if you are like me!—if you see a typo, and then you are done!

-- One Tahiti

Thanks for the tutorial...

I had wondered about some of those things, OneT, but didn't understand how the worked. This will be a good reference resource for me. Should help others, too.

Muchas gracias!



De nada, RB. :) And thank you for the nice feedback! :) I hope the directions prove useful and you will decide to chime in on the front page. :) I look forward to your posts.

-- OneTahiti

Ooh! I DO have a question...

How do you get a pic - big like the one in WC's front page thing with the B&W photo in his piece about John Rice Irwin and the TN Homecoming?

What size photos should one upload here?


RB - on posting photos


Corvus was the one who posted that fine photo and many others here too. :)

Here are a couple of posts about putting images in blog entries. The first is some directions I posted to Corvus ((link...)) and the second is his rewriting, simplification, and enhancement of my directions ((link...)).

Corvus says he followed the recipe given in the second link above for that photo you like.

If you don't want to add text, just a photo, you can do that in "Create content | Image."

There are still some questions in my mind about all the parameters involved here in getting the images to show big on the front page instead of being sometimes converted to thumbnails, but at least so far the above seems to work.

About the photo size: they should be no wider than 400 pixels. Four hundred pixels "fills" the front-page column.

Please feel free to post back? :)

-- OneTahiti

RB, here are more 400-pixel-wide samples, just for fun


Here are some other 400-pixel-wide samples, just for fun:

The first is a still life painting based on a detail of a photo ("Still life in back of WRCVFD fire truck by the light of a night fire (2007)"):

Still life in back of WRCVFD fire truck by the light of a night fire (2007): painting from Mead photo detail

And here is the code for the above image:

<code><div align="center"><img src="http://www.wrcvfd.com/img/albums/paintings/th/0709010-nightfire_053cs_400x267.jpg" width="400" height="267" alt="Still life in back of WRCVFD fire truck by the light of a night fire (2007): painting from Mead photo detail" title="Still life in back of WRCVFD fire truck by the light of a night fire (2007): painting from Mead photo detail" /></div></code>

The 400-pixel-wide images don't fill this column, but they would fill the narrower front-page space.

Now one thing that I do that Corvus does not always do is load down the code with width, height, alt, and title attributes. These are not strictly required except by HTML and accessibility purists.

For example, here is an image without any of those "extras." This is a thumbnail of a DeBry engraving image from RoaneTNHistory.org's upcoming new online version of DeBry's 1590 publication of Hariot's "A Brief and True Report of the New Found Land of Virginia" (1588). The DeBry engravings were done from the John White watercolors of the expedition.

The code for the DeBry image is:

<code><div align="center"><img src="http://www.roanetnhistory.org/books/HariotDeBryHistoryVirginia/images/p53-400_400x341.jpg" /></div></code>

I hope this helps!

-- OneTahiti

Good deal -

Thanks so much for the help. Maybe, at least in the techniques of posting, I might be able to overcome my status as Poster Boy for Dumbassity :-)




Not to worry! As far as I am concerned, you are doing just fine. :)

One tip about posting online that has really helped me: I try to be super, extra, nice and supportive. That way I hope my posts come out sort of medium. For some reason online posts always come across more unfriendly than they were meant. :( Something to do with the lack of meliorative facial contact, who knows.

That's why I use these undignified smilies, too. After I read some years ago their use was recommended by "The Elements of E-Mail Style," I decided to set aside my pride and try them. So far I feel pretty silly but they seem to help. :)

So... if you can put up with my occasional online mistakes, I will be more than happy not to notice if and when you ever make one. :)

-- OneTahiti

Oh, I GUARANTEE I'll make 'em!! (mistakes, that is)

By the bucketload. Already have.

I do agree wholeheartedly with what you say concerning the issues of not being able to read body language, tone of voice, and all that stuff when reading cold letters on a computer screen. I try to be nice. Sometimes I fail - but not deliberately. I'll also slip in a wink every now and then ;-)

And I try to put myself in this mind when I'm reading posts... Me and whoever I'm "talking" with are sitting in a cafe sippin a cold one, or a coffee, or whatever, and we're talking about what's going on in the world. We might be talking about something like posting a photo one minute. Then we're talking about some serious thing like small schools versus megaschools. I just think of it as if we're exchanging comments face to face. I'll give you an example:

You had a comment in a different thread about an environmental impact study. My response was, essentially, "Yep - oughta do one. But - how can you study the potential impact when you don't know what kind of industry it is?" Face to face we'd probably never consider that exchange as anything other than allowing the flow of conversation to take its natural course. I would not mean what I said to be particularly argumentative, but when reading just plain black wowrds on white screen, sometimes words can take on a meaning that wasn't there when the keys on the keyboard were struck. So I think you know I wasn't arguing with you, but making a point as a part of the larger conversation.

Anyway - that's the way I view "talking" here.

Or... that's my story and I'm stickin to it! ;-)



That cafe image sounds perfect to me! :) :) :)

-- OneTahiti

Extra, Extra...Read all about it

Just not from me.

Hi RB and OT,

Thanks for the info and instructions.

I'm skiddish about those front page posts. What if I say something stupid? What if it's misconstrued? What if my grammer or spelling is incorrect? What if Big Brother is watching?

So I suppose I'm too timid to unleash myself.

I agree OT, I also try to be as diplomatic as possible in my posts. With no facial expressions, and no tone of voice, it's easy to be misunderstood. And I have misunderstood the intent of others as well.

No doubt I will inevitably post something I regret, or don't state factually. But I will try my best. Hopefully, we'll all get more comfortable with this. It's hard when you live in a small town, and everyone has different ideas.

Maybe one day we'll have an open forum where even public officials will occassionally post to let us know they are listening, and to share ideas.

Wait... I think we're already on our way:
Thanks to Roane Views and members like earlnall and tyler.

Have a good night everyone.


I hope you do decide to jump in and start some conversations! I for one will look forward to what you have to say.

And I promise not to hold any bloopers you may make against you if you'll cut me a little slack now and then when I mess up. :)

One nice thing about front-page posts is you can go back and edit them if you have second thoughts. :)

-- OneTahiti

One More Piece of Advice

I almost forgot, when you preview a post you have written before you actually post it, SCROLL DOWN for any edits needed.

DON'T HIT THE BACK BUTTON. I've done this a couple times to edit and have lost my entire post.

Good tip, Grasshopper! :)

I've lost so many posts over the years from hitting the wrong thing in online forms that now I usually write everything in a text editor, then paste it in.

Thanks again, GH!

-- OneTahiti

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