Oct 4 2007
10:01 pm

Why don't Roane Countians attend this wonderful event ? And for that matter, why don't Tennesseeans attend the Tennessee "Homecoming" ?

(these are the hands of the late Shereman Wooten, a world famous chairmaker. Photo by Paul Efird)

Folks come from all over the world to this event, but few from the local commuities. This is NOT a run-of-the-mill craft show - in fact the crafts are only a miniscule part of the event. Yes, there is music, and lots of it, but the kind that comes from the instruments of locals such as made by Gene Horner. But the main impetus is the preservation of the Appalachian heritage and the demonstration of this previous way of life.

Yes, I have heard all those stories about how John Rice stole all that old stuff from the local farmers, but it was truly just junk to them and would have since been turned into scrap for rebar to build more Wal-Marts. The Museum and the surroundng grounds are truly a treasure to this area and John Rice deserves our sincere respect for his accomplishments.

The event, the "Homecoming" is however something special. If you have never "been" - you need to. Don't come on Wed. or Thurs. however, it is alive with schoolkids - and they learn more in a day than a whole semester in the classroom. (they come from all the surrounding states, not only Tenn.)

Hope to see ya there !


PS: look for the big sundial.

It sounds wonderful!


I hope you are not too busy with sundials that you can't take lots of your excellent photos! :)

-- OneTahiti

I have been fortunate to

I have been fortunate to attend the Tn. Fall Homecoming with the "Mystery Mountain Boys" Bluegrass Band the last couple of years, all five days last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. And I was surprised by the number of Roane County residents attending. It is truly an experience and well represented by Roane County. Hope to see you'all there this year. Ray Collett

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