Oct 4 2007
08:27 pm
By: Corvus
Around Roane

It provides more jobs in Roane County than both Industrial Parks combined.


I'd love to see the numbers...

I'm assuming this is the Glen Hill location at Hwys 70 & 27?

How many work there? What do they make?

How many work in the parks and what do they make?

Would love to see numbers.


Numbers ?

RB, you have excellent recognition abilities, but as you are aware, this is not the sole location of such activities in Roane County. Real numbers will be difficult to obtain as to the employment in this industry locally but it is a certainty that I, and most of my friends, spend more of our income at these places keeping our vehicles and machinery running than we do at the industrial parks.

The point I was trying to make is that this is an important industry and is significantly present in Roane County which we should be proud of. And, Yes, it could be cleaned up a bit but fundamentally it is a positive.


(from (link...))
Automobiles are the most recycled consumer product. Each
year, the steel industry recycles more than 14 million tons of
steel from end-of-life vehicles. This is equivalent to nearly 13.5
million automobiles. When comparing the amount of steel
recycled from automobiles each year to the amount of steel
used to produce new automobiles that same year, automobiles maintain a recycling rate of nearly 100 percent.

By weight, the typical passenger car consists of about 65 percent steel and iron. The steel used in car bodies is made with about 25 percent recycled steel. Many internal steel and iron parts are made using even higher percentages of recycled steel. All steel products contain recycled steel because steel scrap is a necessary ingredient in the production of new steel.

Recycling steel saves energy and natural resources. The steel industry annually saves the equivalent energy to power about 18 million households for a year. Recycling one ton of steel conserves 2500 pounds of iron ore, 1400 pounds of coal and 120 pounds of limestone.

Aaaahhhhhh! NOW I understand what you're saying...

Thanks for the clarification, Corvus. I was thinking you were meaning the Glen Hill operation rather than the vehicle salvage industry.

Yes - you are right. There is significant automotive and other metals salvaging operation in our county, and collectively is a significant part of what goes on here. Sure we should be proud of it. It's honest work, hard work, doesn't make many folks rich, but it does provide needed services and employment.


The pink mustang worries me

Looks like a headbanger, from the broken windshield.

Sally got a headache...Daddy wasn't mean enough to put her flat feet on the ground in time.

(And I don't know about your numbers, Corvus. Interesting though)

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