Just in time for National Fire Safety Month, here's a free print in honor of our volunteers titled "Roane County Night Fire: Still More to Do (2007)," a tribute to firefighters and volunteers in all endeavors. Our volunteers are all "10"s!

The mixed-media print is entered in the Kingston Country Fair ((link...)). There is a lot going on this weekend, but try and get over to the fair at Fort Southwest Point if you can!

Roane County Night Fire: Still More to Do/10, mixed media print by Mead/Sloan 2007, used with permission

Download the size A3 (11.7"x16.5") poster-sized print in PDF format (181kb): (link...)

Unfortunately a number of our firefighters won't be able to make it to the fair, since they will be in Crossville undergoing days of intensive training in many specialized firefighting topics.

Monday night 10/8/2007 update: The poster won 3rd prize at the Kingston Country Fair, a white ribbon! :) My joy at this was only a little tempered by the fact there were maybe four or so entries in its class. :) First prize went to a painting of an iris and second prize to a charcoal drawing of a kitten.

white ribbon 10-07-2007 from Kingston County Fair for WRCVFD Volunteer poster

So folks, even the non-sweet and the non-cute can win! Prepare up for next year, then support your local fair by entering something. :) Next October, give it your best shot! :)

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