Oct 4 2007
06:06 am

Knox County loves its Commissioners. It's better than TV...Wait? I guess it IS TV since their trial was televised, just like all the commission meetings except for that part in the hallways that got them in trouble.

The discussion has taken an interesting turn at KnoxViews.

See how much fun we could be having if our Commission would just do something behind closed doors or out in the hall or at McDonalds on Saturday morning or something? But no...they never do things like that.

Our County Attorney

Our County Attorney McFarland was quoted in today's Knox News Sentinel with respect to the Knox County sunshine verdict.

Being new to Roane County, I would like to know whether there is anything that has ever happened here comparable to Knox County's situation.

That link was dead...

Can you tell us what he had to say?


Here's the good link, RB


Try this one :): (link...)

-- OneTahiti

Thankee very kindly!

I appreciate the help!



You are welcome, RB! Anytime! :)

-- OneTahiti

Link problem


Thanks for the link! :)

You should know though that somehow your links are getting an extra http// put in after the initial http:// and before the www.

I'm not sure what's going wrong. When I put links in here I just paste in the raw URL, and the software makes it into a link for me.

Maybe we can figure this out. :) How are you making your links? :)

-- OneTahiti

Not really

Roane County doesn't have term limits as far as I know. Our trangressions seem to be in the form of fist fights, of which Tommy's is not the first.

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