Oct 3 2007
08:29 pm

The lack of accessibility of our County Commissioners has been mentioned previously in this forum. I had a need to contact each of our cmmissioners and spent too much time figuring out how to do it. I thought I might share my results with the group:

Accessibility of our County Commissioners

Commissioner, Phone, e-mail
Ray Cantrell- unlisted-
David Currier- 882-3546-
Bobby Collier- 376-5914-
Benny East- 354-6171-
George Bacon- 354-4386-
James Brummett- 354-0652-
Howard Rose- unlisted-
Chris Johnson- 882-0216-
Fred Tedder- 882-2573-
Jerry Goddard- 882-3262-
Nadine Jackson- 376-2813-
James Harmon- 882-0376-
David Olsen- 483-5103-
George Hooks- 354-6097-
Troy Beets- 376-5748-

Excellent, Corvus

Before we rip Howard Rose, his number is listed at the Roane County Commission page at the County's web site.

But nobody posts their email addresses. I know Bobby Collier has one because he sends out a winger news letter from time to time. Somebody on RoaneViews should be able to give us his email.

How about the others, folks?

update: Howard is the Commissioner(thanks, RB) And I have asked Mike Farmer for an email list but he says there isn't one. Corvus has made more progress in making this info public than anyone else.

Don't Confuse the Two...

In talking about county government, FYI... Howie Rose is the Director of the Office of Emergency Management & Homeland Security. Howard Rose is the County Commissioner.

Just a FYI, since there are 2 H Roses in the county government...


They're not all THAT inaccessible...

Contact information about the County Commissioners has been for quite some time available on the Roane Alliance website. Same for other officials. Same info ALWAYS available in office of the County Executive and Purchasing Dept. It's not a very well kept secret as to how to find them.




Thanks for the information! :)

Please, I do have one request: would you mind please posting the URL for the page on the site on which the county commissioners' contact info is given?

I found a list of county government officials by scrolling down to the bottom half of the Contact Us page, but the commissioners were not listed.

I found another list of officials under "Moving to Roane County" | Community Information | County Government E-mail Addresses, but didn't find the commissioners there either.

It would be nice if all names, districts, phone, postal mail, and email addresses for the commissioners were given on the county government web site. I did find one list there, a good start,:) but without email addresses: See: (link...)

Having the list of county contacts in every issue of the newspaper would be nice too. :)

But maybe the list is there on the Roane Alliance site and I am just not seeing it? :( I did search the site using Google, without success. See: (link...)

Please, can you help?

Thanks so much again for being here! :)

-- OneTahiti

Onetahiti, I think that this

Onetahiti, I think that this Roane Alliance webpage of community officials is what RB was referring to. It does not provide email links.

Thanks, Mark! :)


Thanks so much for the link! :)

Here's a corrected version of the one you gave: (link...)

-- OneTahiti

One possibility about emails...

Because of the scourge known as spam, the commissioners, like many folks, may feel like they'd like to keep their emails a bit more private. They've made their phones and mailing addresses public, and it could be that they'd like to have some tiny bit of information that isn't completely public. As to phones - well there are the registries such as the TN Do Not Call list that put phone numbers on lists so solicitors can't call. There's no such thing available to prevent spam and the dangers of identity theft that go along with that. The best spam blockers are partially effective at best. I personally don't feel it's unfair of them to want that.

Not each person on County Commission is a computer whizzes like we have on this forum. It COULD be that not all of 'em HAVE email. Tain't a requirement.

Sure - it'd be more convenient for us if they all had published email addresses. But I'm not to the point of saying it ought to be. And if I've ever wanted one of my Commissioners, I can find one.


Well, actually...

It COULD be that not all of 'em HAVE email. Tain't a requirement.

Anyone who puts themselves forward as a public leader and who doesn't have e-mail is incredibly illequipped to deal with the coming reality in this world.

Spam is a problem but not hard to deal with. I'm not asking for their personal emails but they should at least use the one at the County web site. Even if they are too backward to operate a computer, it could be handed to them by the staff, and so on.

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