Oct 2 2007
08:58 pm
By: grasshopper

Here's a neat test.


Sorry I couldn't make an actual link.

Well, I could have ended up in worse company....

Thanks for the link, Grasshopper. :)

-- OneTahiti

here's mine

Ghandi was too far right.

I wanted to argue with some of the questions, not answer in degrees of yes or no.

Apparently in a former life,

Apparently in a former life, Mendella and Ghandi were pretty good students of mine...hee.

We watched Ghandi, the movie, Monday night

While a great spectacle it was disappointing to me. It portrayed a sterner man than all the contemporary accounts and photos depict. Ghandi was always smiling as he told his oppressors he hated their sinful actions, but still loved them.

I accept that I, myself, am a lessor human.

One thing the movie did get correct is that India, even while claiming as its progeny the greatest pacifist of all history, proceeded directly into developing a nuclear weapon at its first opportunity.

The really neat thing is I

The really neat thing is I am diametricly opposed to Dubyah!

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