Oct 2 2007
01:14 pm
By: WhitesCreek

The Chamber will be holding a Ribbon Cutting at the Law Office of Mark N. Foster, a brand new Chamber member, located at 104 N. Front Avenue in Rockwood, Thursday, October 4th at 11 am.


Thanks, Steve. Going out on my own has been quite an undertaking for me. I got the sign last week, and carpet is being installed as we speak.

The only thing left to do is get the coffee and donuts. Oh yeah, and make a living practicing law. But, one thing at a time.

Everyone is welcome to attend on Thursday. Feel free to call 354-3333 for directions.

Congratulations, Mark! :)

I wish you all the best in your new undertaking! :)

-- OneTahiti

Hope you do well!

Hanging out one's own shingle is always an exciting and daunting thing to do!


Thank you

I would like to thank everyone that came out and made this event a tremendous success. About thirty people showed up, including State Representative Dennis Ferguson and the Mayors of Roane County, Rockwood, and Kingston.

Rockwood, Roane County and the Chamber of Commerce have done a tremendous job supporting my new business. I hope I can repay everyone's support by conducting a practice that, in the aggregate, contributes to this community.

Goes to show what Dennis will do for a donut

Glad a lot of folks came by. Good luck!

And have some fun in Rockwood. It's in a beautiful spot that's underappreciated and they've done a good job of beautifying the Downtown.

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