Oct 1 2007
06:39 am

There's always two ways of looking at things, although I'm often accused of third and forth ways that other people don't get...But today is Fresh Air day in Tennessee's restaurants, or put another way, Non-Smoker Liberation Day.

The price of taking your family to Cracker Barrel, or where ever, won't be forcing them to share in the self destructive habits of others.

As of today, October 1, 2007, smoking is not permitted in most indoor public places.


Now if they all would only

Now if they all would only loosen up the liquor restrictions ...

Magaritas For the People!

When the revolution comes...

Nonsmoking rule is a big step forward

This is such wonderful news. Maybe some folks who couldn't go to many places before will be able to now. I only wish they had enacted such a law back in the 80s or before.

-- OneTahiti

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