Sep 28 2007
07:55 pm

Thought it might be of interest what one of our younger generation is thinking about our socio-economic situation. This is from one of my 13 grandkids (the only one that is not brain-dead). He is now a senior at UT and his next move will probably be Med. School if he doesn't get waylaid into politics.

In response to an e-mail I copied to him:

I was stunned when Greenspan told people to get adjustable rate mortgages. What an IDIOT!!!!

As far as tax issues go, I am tired of the political mantra about the terrible tax burden on "low and mid-level earners". The median family income in Rockwood is approximately $24,000 per year. Do you know what the income tax burden is on mom, dad, with two kids earning $24,000? Answer: $-4,200. That's right, they put nothing in and get a check for $4,200 from the IRS. Yes, they do pay $1,836 for Social Security and Medicare. This means that they still get $2,364 per year from the pockets of others.

When I do free income tax prep at United Way, I encounter people who stop working part way through the year in order to maximize the "refund" amount they get from the IRS. BTW, these tax "refund" amounts are not counted as income when these "poor" people apply for the various government benefits.

During last tax season, I had one family of four with $20,000+ of earned income (dad stopped working part way through the year) and $40,000+ non-taxed Social Security benefits that paid zero income tax and got over $4,000 "back". Not bad for a family with a $70,000 annual income.

The low income group that really suffers is the elderly poor. Other than Social Security, they get nothing. Many are unable to work and have no options. This winter will be brutal with high heating costs. Many will have to choose between heat and food.


Your Nest Presidents comment:

In response to the DP's email:

It is easy to become irritated by the individuals that "cheat" or "manipulate" the system to maximize the "refund" amount they get from the IRS. But I think they are just participating in what you seem to be such an advocate for: capitalism. From the tone in your message, you appear frustrated by the fact that there is an alternative force at play here and it is socialization. Socialization is the opponent to fascism and the polarized concentration of wealth and capital.

The people that collect these "maximized refunds", abuse welfare and food stamps are just viral capitalists that have infected a socialist countersystem. They have been programmed and cultured to consume anything and everything they can get their hands on by the capitalist system we have set up in this country, and they will do it at whatever cost. There is no conscience or humanity in our system of capitalistic privatization and they are just "playing the game". They are just like the corporate ceo, or the stock broker, or the health insurance agent; they are just taking an alternative route. What I am trying to say is that a black single mother of nine children that collects multiple forms of welfare because of her large "burden", is just as much an entrepreneur as the ceo of any capitalistic, profit-mongering company or corporation. They are both trying to obtain the most amount of profit with the least amount of cost. 'Exploiters' of socialized systems in America are actually doing capitalism a huge favor: they are destroying the system* that was set up to save them.
*governmental socialist programs

What you may ask is: What an unfair comparison- a 'successful' businessman versus an exploiting minority! What kind of contribution is the black, single mother of nine for the sake of more welfare giving to society. Then ask yourself, for example, what is the investment banker contributing to society? The answer to both questions is nothing but more fuel (greed) for capitalism.

I am glad that some of my "earned" money is going to socialized programs because I could do the same thing the exploiters are doing, but I don't because I am not a capitalist. I have food in my stomach and a roof over my head, and I cannot embrace this country's materialistic values. I don't mind lending a helping hand to my fellow man. I don't need a gas-guzzling status symbol form of transportation, or sweatshop-produced designer clothing, or prescription drugs created for fictitious diseases. I have what I want, which is mainly life itself, and I am not starving or sick. I cannot make myself participate in the greed and economic gluttony of my peers. Unfortunately, I am unable to be blindly programmed by the constant bombardment from America's capitalistic commercialism. I was cursed with the inability to behave like the 'sheeple' I see around me following our leaders blindly.

The Dooms Day capitalists may say: the 'exploiters' are destroying the country that allows you to live the life you live right now and enables you to take the socialistic stance you have. I don't see it that way at all though. The 'exploiters' are doing battle with the Dooms Day capitalists; the 'exploiters' are the product of the capitalist's evil. The greedy individuals are merely reaping what they have sewn.

What is it about us, as Americans, that we can no longer think in terms of WE? Why does everyone go through their daily routines thinking just ME?

I hate to bring out the low-blows, but in terms that the common man can understand in our Christianized America: What do you think Jesus Christ would do? Would he/did he think in terms of WE? Or is the whole faith based on just ME?

This is very easy to understand from multiple angles: take care of your 'brothers' (in the spiritual/religious sense). Or you can think of it like this: perpetuate the survival and well-being of your own dang species!

There is more to life than money and greed.

Think about it...

-Your Next President

P.S. An illegal immigrant that exploits government programs is an even better example of a viral capitalist than the 'black single mother of nine kids' scenario. To be an illegal immigrant exploiting the 'system' is putting to use even more guerrilla economic tactics than the average minority in poverty because the illegal pays NO taxes (other than sales taxes). That's very close to 100% profit!!! So anyone that is consumed by the 'green opiate': you may have a lot more in common with the everyday illegal immigrant than you may think.

Good grandkid, Corvus!


Congratulations on producing such a grandkid! :)

I grew up with Negative Population Growth (i.e., have 0 or at most 1 kid) held forth by our parents as the responsible green ideal, and like both my brothers I had no children--but having all those grandkids sounds like a wondrous, joyous luxury. Good for you! :)

-- One Tahiti


OneTahiti, I appreciate your comment. Corvus

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