Sep 27 2007
05:41 pm

(thanks to RH)

Anonymous, you need to

Anonymous, you need to register before you pick on me too much.

And I'd actually be interested in comparing what I do each day with what others get done. I'm thinking I probably have more fun than my fair share.



I'm with Grasshopper.

We do like your posts! :)

-- OneTahiti


We enjoy your posts. Keep 'em coming.

Thanks, friends

Thanks, RoaneViewers, I know you've got my back.

Anon is free to disagree if Anon wants, but I would prefer something tangible and more creative than the old highly unimaginative "get a life" thing.

How boring is that? Now if we could get a real argument going, with actual ideas being thrown around, that would be great.

Actually, I may try to set up a Schools page that would have a separate link to the discussion. We have lots of interest but can't quite get it off the ground and that may work.

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