Sep 27 2007
03:06 pm

The Smoking ban in public places starts October 1, 2007.

Here's a summary of the provisions of the law.

Junior Says It Has Boosted His Business

When I first started coming to Rockwood, I heard nothing but negative comments about Junior's Restaurant, all of them relating to how smoky it was. Junior implemented the smoking ban a few weeks ago (early), and I went and enjoyed a meal there.

I talked with Junior, and he and one of the waitresses say that the ban has actually helped his business significantly. He has been seeing a lot of new customers, as well as old customers that had stopped coming over the years. And while the old regular smokers grumble, they still come.

So, it sounds like, as implemented, it will be a good thing for business and for nonsmokers. Smokers will still be able to smoke -- they will just have to hold off for 45 minutes while they are having a meal. Just like they do when they go to church.

All in all, I'm for this change.

I think the first

I think the first Smoke Free restaurant in Roane County was Bob's Burgers.

Bob...The Leader in Roane County Haburgers...and also autographed Barney Fife photos.

Sadly, I admit that I still

Sadly, I admit that I still smoke, despite having "quit" several times now.

But I fully support smoking bans in public places and restaurants and workplaces, including the many places I have worked that didn't allow it and now in our home (where we don't allow smoking inside).

I like to say I am a future ex-smoker. I'm not exactly sure when or how that will occur or how unpleasant or final the process will be. One way or another, you know.

In fact, I rather enjoy smoke-free restaurants. I can actually taste the food.

If I really, REALLY need a fix I can go outside. And I have become increasingly sensitive to the needs of others to not be subjected to the effects of my own self-destructive behavior.

R. Neal: Writer's block, coder's block

R. Neal,

It is a pleasure to "meet" you! There are few developers in these parts. :)

There may be a paucity of writers too, but programmers are truly scarce.

-- OneTahiti


A sensitive caring smoker!

It's the hardest addiction to break, so we're pulling for you...And we appreciate your consideration.

My research says that the best way to help people quit is to take away their opportunities. When I owned a manufacturing company, I took it smoke free, but only after a series of "quit smoking" classes. A few of them managed to quit permanently but everybody cut back.

take away their

take away their opportunities

Yep. That's a lot of it. We have tried to eliminate as many opportunities as possible, but in our self-employed workaday life they are mostly self imposed.

It's also about habits and rituals and triggers.

The first cup of coffee in the AM, the first drink on Friday afternoon (OK, other afternoons, too), the phone call from some butthead you really wish you didn't have to deal with, the first wave of writer's/coder's block, after your coffee and dessert, etc. etc. etc.

They say the addiction is worse than heroin. But heroin doesn't present so many opportunities, or legal ones anyway.

Hang in there, Brother!

Come on out to the Creek and we'll keep you occupied.


(And the significant other, also)

Smoker's Rights

"Who is responsible for enforcing the smoking ban?
The Tennessee Department of Health and the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development"

Sounds like a tough bunch of "cops". Do they have guns, handcuffs and tasers ??

I'm thinking water pistols.

I'm thinking water pistols.

I'm ready for it, too...

Given the physics of aerosolized particles (smoke) in air, the idea of having a smoking and a non-smoking area in the same room is perfectly analogous to having a peeing and a non-peeing section in the swimming pool.


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