Sep 27 2007
12:57 pm

Doncha just love it when somebody "in authority" says, "Sure - I don't care."... and you find out it was a lie?

(link...) Classified.jpg
Buy My Bike.... PLEASE!

I fixed it but...

make sure you unclick the box that says "promote to the front page" when you upload the image.

I still can't remember all this stuff but now I know how to fix it.

I'm glad you did!

Cause this was my first attempt at sending up an image to the system. Had no real idea how it would come out. I'll look closer next time - didn't even see the box you mention about promoting to front page.

I'm sure I'll screw up more before I get the absolute hang of it!

Thanks again.


It's under "publishing options"

right above "submit"

Took me a while to find it, too. We're looking for patches that make this easier, but for now, we'll learn as we go.

Watch Out for the Guy With the Big Chin

The bike ad is pretty funny.

I'm looking for a house, so I've been perusing the classifieds. Here is an ad that ran in Wednesday's edition of the Roane County News classifieds:

"WIFE RAN off with guy with big chin, black spot in front of hair, don't want home anymore, would like wife back. Take over payments already set up on 2 acres. Payments $457. ..."

(update: phone numbers removed by Admin)

That's too funny...

It really is in there about third from the end...But if my wife had been with some guy with "black spot in front of hair and big chin"...Would I want her back?

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