Sep 27 2007
11:46 am
By: WhitesCreek

I realize this is not exactly local news, but it puts our current political situation in perspective:

The Man who ran incredibly disparaging and dishonest ads against Max Cleland became a Senator so that he could vote to condem the explicitly honest one run by

(And doesn't this post underscore why we need Broadband for the People?)

Yep - dishonesty and hypocracy...

should be exposed where they are...

Another definition of disingenuous: acting like all dirty campaigns, all lies, all hypocrisy, all things outrageous, all those reside in one political party. The problem I have is not that Bill Clinton (or anybody else) exposed problematic political ads/campaigns... the problem I have is the ludicrous idea that no Democrats ever do that or have done it.... or that nobody else but the Republicans have done it.

Of course, more of that general type of polemic comes from WHICHEVER group happens to NOT be in power at the time.


But no one said that, RB

the problem I have is the ludicrous idea that no Democrats ever do that or have done it

You feign outrage at something that doesn't exist.

The hipocrisy of the Republicans is repugnant, nonetheless.

I don't feign anything with this post, WC...

There was no feigning whatever. What I felt would have been felt regardless... Bill Clinton didn't have to say it... it was implicit in what he said... his diatribe was against Republicans, not deceptive ads or practices. Can you listen to what he said and deny that?

There is no such thing as "hypocricy of the Republicans" any more than there is such a thing as "hypocricy of the Democrats." There is hypocricy, and it knows no party boundaries.


We disagree

No Democrat ran a senatorial campaign ad that morphed a wounded war hero into Osama Bin Laden, became Senator as a result, and then voted to condemn an act of free speech that has no factual errors whatsoever.

It is a pretend world that equates the hipocritical actions of today's National Republican Party with any like act on the part of the democratic party, and all you have to do is show me an example of anything the Democrats have run that equates to those ads or even the Swift Boat ads against John Kerry, which ran while the Republicans were falling all over themselves in supposed outrage at a Dan Rather story, which was absolutely truthful and correct in its claims.

Have to agree with WC

Both parties may bend the truth and sometimes be outright dishonest on real issues. But the republicans take the award for most likely to be "just plain ugly and downright mean" and most likely to "assasinate a character".

Even to members of their same party. Remember their push-polls against McCain in Carolina? Now that's just dispicable to do to someone, whatever their party. Yea, republicans pretty much invented appealing to the voter's emotions, then deflecting attention from real issues to non-issues.

From the school of Rove: Take the opponents greatest strength and destroy it, make it their greatest weakness. Example: Turn War Hero into Shame.

Too bad it's not much the candidate running anymore, but rather the effectiveness of the candidate's campaign.

Then there's Diebold.

I'm a hopeless optimist...I still vote.


On who does the research of what era of history, methinks.

All I'm saying is crappy politics is crappy politics, and it doesn't matter who does it. If you look at the history of campaigning in this country of ours, there will be quite enough dirt to go around, no matter what name or label is on the political party. One year one party gets the championship, another year it's another party...


RB, you seem to live in a fantasy land

The Senate and Congress had the opportunity to condemn the Swift Boat ads AND the ad and defeated the Boxer amendment.

If you want credibility with me, I'd like to see you honestly examine the reasons for that.

Credibility and honestly examining and credibility...

It appears that my credibility or lack thereof is predicated upon my reaching the same conclusion as you about Swift Boat ads or some other specific ads or statements. And that's your privilege, all the more so as you are the owner/operator/moderator of this forum.

Perhaps we all live in Fantasy Land - one in which those who think and feel the same as we do are part of the fantasy - or the truth.

Is declaring, along with what you seem to be saying, that all evil resides in all Republicans and all good resides in those who oppose them, to be the criterion for credibility? That's your privilege and right.

I don't happen to believe that all of either party can be lumped as good or evil, acceptable or unacceptable, credible or incredible.

I have steadfastly refused to join either party and do not make my votes in lock step with either one. In cycles of history, I have voted for more Democrats than Republicans, and in other cycles have voted the other way around predominantly.

All that aside, from what I've seen here, I think I see enough of you to think I would like you regardless. When folks can agree on things to eat, it ain't all bad!


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