Sep 26 2007
11:17 am

This is fun to take and the results may make you laugh. It picked someone for me who surprised me.

Here's a little calculator to help you pick your presidential candidate. Play around with it and see what you get:


I Like Mike

I knew I liked Mike Gravel but gee...

Terry Troll


It would have been interesting to see their algorithm. :)

-- OneTahiti

Kucinich here. But now I'm

Kucinich here. But now I'm only an 80 percenter with him. Last time I was 100%. Doesn't matter, I'm actually an Edwards fan as long as he's in, or until Al gives up and gets in.

Gravel, than Kucinich for

Gravel, than Kucinich for me.

Presidential Calculator Updated for General Election

I gave it a try. Still fun! :) (link...)

It chose Nader for me with a 60+% match. McKinney and Barr were next, followed by Obama at 50% for me but still way more than McCain, who was in the low 20's. I was surprised McCain scored that high.

It can be fun sometimes to pretend we don't have a two-party-only system. I'm not going to pretend on voting day though!

All Nader's and McKinney's candidacies are doing is drawing votes from Obama. I'm not too happy with Nader et al for that. In effect a vote for Nader or McKinney is almost a vote for McCain.

Of course, a proportional voting system with all parties being given a fair shot would be an improvement.

Anyone else up for a try? :)

-- OneTahiti


It picked the candidate I'm going to vote for.

It said Obama for me.

It said Obama for me. Yep....that's right!

I was a 100% match for

I was a 100% match for Nader, whom I would not vote for, period. I was an 85% match with Obama who is my choice, since Edwards didn't make it through.

These things are very simplistic and don't ask about things like temperament, leadership ability, experience, and trustworthiness, all of which Obama kills Nader in.

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