Sep 25 2007
07:59 pm

One of my two best sons called me a while back and said, "I'm in the line...How many Dylan tickets do you want?"

Stunned...I said Four, and he said, "'K" and he hung up.

So last weekend was the date and we drove to Clemson, SC to see the mythological Bob Dylan, whose real name as a kid in Minneapolis was Zimmerman.

So it was an epic weekend and we got to see and hear Bob Dylan in his current incarnation. I took binoculars and shared them. The World's best son borrowed them and saw the Oscar sitting on an amp. Dylan had an Oscar statue on stage, and we decided it had to be for "Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid" with Kris Kristofferson.

Dylan has an Oscar, but it was the killer band that stole the show, except for the guitar player. Dylan never has had a decent guitar player, and that includes Mike Bloomfield. But every one else made up for it, including Dylan, and here's a secret...That raspy growling voice he uses now...It's an act. Somewhere in the middle of his first encore song he took five notes to warble, right on key and with perfect vibrato and no, we couldn't understand the words...but he gave it away.

Dylan could sing if he wanted to...So there.

I wasn't going to post anything about it but we listened to "The Bootleg Tapes" tonight and I'm just in a Dylan kind of mood, so I thought I'd rub it in.

I saw Bob Dylan... and you didn't!

Thanks, Son!

Nana nana booboo

I saw Dylan at the Tennessee Theater.

Glad you enjoyed it. He's a legend. Many make fun of his raspy "i can't understand a da*n thing he's singing" voice.

But if you read the biographies of so many of our great artists, even today's artists, you will find somewhere in there that Dylan was either an influence, an inspiration, or both.

The Tennessee Theater is a wonderful venue

Glad you went to see him. I wanted to but missed that show.

I listened to three hours of Dylan last night and could understand all the words on his old tribute to stuff, even the five page rhyming tribute to Woody Guthrie.

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