Mar 28 2009
07:24 am

At yesterday's Solid Waste Committee metting, the Midtown landfill was once again discussed. The members acknowledged that the County Commission had put the cart before the horse by setting aside the money for the permit of the landfill, along with money to engineer it. However, the committee voted to allow the commission to continue that work.
The Solid Waste Committee then, before allowing any discussion from those that attended, voted to have County Executive Mike Farmer, and County Attorney Tom McFarland do a "study" on whether or not it would be more beneficial to the county if they opened the landfill to store coal ash, or left the coal ash where it was at.
Ok people, here's the real deal. And I have said this many times. Our County Commissioners would like nothing better than to let dump trucks come out of the steam plant, turn up beside Bob's Burgers, and dump as much coal ash in a new landfill as it would hold. That idea has never been taken off of the table. Yes, we hear things like "It isn't even being considered, at this time", or "Roane County is not an option, at this time". You have to just love those three words "at this time". Now add that other word; "study"'
This isn't over. If more people do not get involved, they will vote to take one disaster and turn it into another. Some may ask what other disaster. How about when you here that someone we know has been killed involving an accident with one of the trucks.
After the committee passed their "study", they opened the floor for comments. Several spoke against the idea of coal ash in a landfill. All who attended was against the landfill, Some were angry and disappointed that the committee would even consider a study involving coal ash. But, once again, our elected officials and appointed officials refuse to do what the people want. This is about money, plain and simple. They do not seem to care about the health and safety concerns of Roane County citizens. And if we don't start having more than just the same ones showing up at these meetings and speaking, these commissions, councils, and committees are going to think we few are the only ones that want to fight this. I am asking everyone who reads this post to get involved. Make calls. Attend meetings. Speak out loudly. We need one another's help on this. And we had better act quickly. Time is runnung out on this one.

They are obviously still smitten with the $$$$ potential

At the Recovery Committee Meeting earlier this week,the audience was led to believe that this issue was dead and that updating the permit was for future NON coal ash disposal. The next step will be a committee recommendation
that will be voted on by the County Commission. NOW is the time to contact the County Executive and each commissioner to DEMAND that no coal ash be dumped in this or any other Roane County owned landfill. Here is contact info on the people to call and write:

County Executive:
Mike Farmer, P O Box 643, Kingston TN 37763
865/376-5578 -- Fax No. 865/717-4215

County Commission Chairman/Kingston Mayor
Troy Beets
2025 Cedar Lane
Kingston TN 37763

George W. "Copper" Bacon
1613 Spring City Highway
Rockwood, TN 37854
Representing 1st Commission District

James Brummett
560 Kingston Avenue
P O Box 606
Oliver Springs, TN 37840
Representing 4th Commission District

Ray Cantrell
395 Babbs Road
Lenoir City, TN 37771
Representing 5th Commission District

Bobby L. Collier
126 Arsenault Crossing
Kingston TN 37763
Representing 6th Commission District

David M. Currier
508 Evergreen Street
Harriman TN 37748
Representing 2nd Commission District

Benny East
262 Benny East Road
Rockwood TN 37854
Representing 1st Commission District

Jerry L. Goddard
121 Cemetery Lane
Harriman TN 37748
Representing 2nd Commission District

James W. "Dub" Harmon
308 Trenton Street
Harriman TN 37748
Representing 2nd Commission District

Mike Hooks
700 Sylvan Drive
Rockwood TN 37854
Representing 1st Commission District

Nadine Jackson
617 Mans Hollow Road
Kingston TN 37763
Representing 7th Commission District

Chris Johnson
126 White Oak Drive
Harriman TN 37748
Representing 6th Commission District

David Olsen
108 Wesley Lane
Oak Ridge TN 37830
Representing 4th Commission District

Howard Rose
865 Salem Valley Road
Ten Mile, TN 37880
Representing 7th Commission District

Fred M. Tedder
439 Clax Gap Road
Harriman TN 37748
Representing 3rd Commission District

Randy Martens for Kingston City Council
"Common Sense For Good Government"

Future Meetings

Thanks Rick and Randmart for the information. Sorry that I could not attend the meeting. I can't stay at the Lake House any longer. I moved to Nashville to live with my younger daughter. I will be in town on Monday and Tuesday. I can attend meetings those evenings. Can you let me know what meetings are on those evenings, and where they will be held and what time. I want to help as best as I can.

I'll send letters and call the above address you listed. I might not be able to live there because of the toxic coal ash, but I can help write and call. My porphyrn disease must be getting worse, because the last time I was home to the lake house my skin started stinging all over my arms, legs, face, and the back of my hands. It was horrible. I couldn't wait to leave there and get to Nashville and take a shower and change into ash free clothes. After the shower the stinging stopped. That is how I can tell the ash is in the air there.

Would you want to sell the Lake House?

if so I would like to maybe buy it if the price is right.

TVA meeting at RSCC on Monday evening

Here is the Monday night meeting everyone can attend:

TVA, local, state and federal agencies continue to work on recovery and clean up of a release of ash caused by a failure of a coal ash containment dike at TVA’s Kingston Fossil Plant in East Tennessee.

Informational Open House March 30, 2009

TVA will host its second informational open house on progress at the Kingston site. TVA and cooperating agencies will answer questions
about recovery operations and dredging, air, water and soil testing,
river operations and community outreach.

The meeting will be held Monday, March 30, 2009, at the Roane State Community College gymnasium from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

The college is located at 276 Patton Lane in Harriman, Tennessee 37748. To reach the gymnasium, use the second entrance to the campus off of Patton Lane, and turn into the second right for parking.

Rick: I counted about 22 people

I counted about 22 people who came to the solid waste meeting. That is very disheartening.

I called a friend Thursday, who lives in Midtown and reminded him of yesterdays solid waste committee meeting. He called me this morning and told me how much he was against the ash going into the landfill in Midtown and it being transported on the roads. He wanted to know how the meeting went yesterday. I told him about the meeting and asked why he was not there. He responded by saying, "I had promised the wife that we would go out for dinner so I couldn't attend."

His attitude pretty much sums up the attitude most people in Roane County seem to have about these type issues. They are always waiting on someone else to do something until it is too late.

CC..You are right.

It was disheartening to see so few people there. Everyone I talk to is against putting coal ash into any landfill in Roane County. But, they can't take an hour of their week to attend an important meeting. As long as we continue to have small turn outs, the County Commission will think it is just the same small group and nobody else cares. We cannot do this alone ladies and gentlemen. Write these commissioners. Write Mike Farmer. Attend these important meetings. You can always go to dinner afterwards. But please, start getting involved. You don't have to speak at any meeting. Just your presence means as much. Hell, I probably run my mouth enough for you. But we need butts in the seats. What will it take for you to get involved? We'd bring refreshments, but they aren't allowed in the courtrooms we use.
This is probably one of the most important issues we are facing in this county. It's time to rally the troops. It's time for the great people of Roane County to respond to a crisis.

Well dbi

If I had a lakehouse on Swan Pond or the Emory River that TVA hasn't already purchased, I'd gladly sell it to you.
As far as coal ash being toxic? I guess you listen to TVA there too. But, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Mine happens to be based on facts and figures. But, I won't make this another post to argue on. Seems we have enough of that already.

Rick: Concerning dbi

Never argue with a moron. They will only drag you down to their level. Responding to dbi's foolish comments only fuels the fire he/she wishes to kindle. The best way to deal with a moron is to ignore them and they move on to another site where they can get the attention they are seeking. Besides, it is unfair to enter into a battle of wits with an unarmed person. Even morons have a right to speak but we don't have an obligation to respond. I will not stoop to the level of responding directly to dbi and I recommend everyone else do the same. Beginning now, dbi is not on the board as far as I'm concerned.

When a rooster crows,

if he is not answered, which he sees as a challenge, then he soon shuts up and goes back about his rooster business.

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