Achibald...after Archibald Roane, our county's namesake
31% (4 votes)
Avery...Since the area is near the historic start of Avery Trace
31% (4 votes)
Cardiff...Since that is a historic name for the area between the three towns
31% (4 votes)
Midtown...Since...well, you guys know the saga about the great Harriman blob devouring land and tax money.
8% (1 vote)
Harriman...Since it's going to eat up the rest of Roane County anyway.
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 13

I still like RocKingMan, but

I still like RocKingMan, but somehow I figure this idea has about as much chance as the totally sensible idea of replacing three high schools with one.

small is beautiful, larger is not necessarily "totally sensible"

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-- OneTahiti

Where's the poll choice for Do Not Combine?

I would like to vote but there is no choice for me.

-- OneTahiti

I would like to vote but

I would like to vote but there is no choice for me.

Of course there is...It's the last one 'cause that's what's going to happen.



Not the same at all, thank goodness.

-- OneTahiti

You remember...

... the proverbial snowball's chance in hell, I'm sure :-)

Or that famous rolling doughnut?


It's funny, RB

Everybody I talk to says the same thing. They say it would be for the best and then say it can't happen.

I say it would take time but would be the right thing to do. As it stands now, we're headed for confrontation at the borders in a big way.

It is not for the best

Here's one person chiming in, not "saying the same thing."

-- OneTahiti


I should say most folks I talk certainly isn't universal and I understand the arguments both ways. What I know for sure is that what we have now is not working very well and costing us a bundle.

we should not compound the problem / brainstorming idea

Just because "what we have now is not working very well and costing us a bundle," does not mean we should compound the error by spending piles more money for something that would be even worse. There are other ideas. See: (link...)

There are probably lots more.

I am wondering whether a brainstorming session might not be a bad idea.

In a true, "official" brainstorming session in the systems engineering sense, folks post ideas, no matter how wild, and... no one criticizes them. Just let folks add ideas without comment from others so after the session we would have a big list of ideas. The no-criticism, no-comment part is a good idea so folks won't feel inhibited about thinking outside the box and suggesting ideas outside the norm.

Once we have a big list of ideas we could do what is called in systems engineering a "trade study." This lets us compare the pros and cons of sets of ideas in an organized way.

This would be a decent forum for such a systems engineering experiment if folks were so inclined. I for one would volunteer to toss in an idea or two.... :)

-- OneTahiti


I know of no reason why we shouldn't save a ton of money by combining three towns into one. I think you are crossing the issues of governments and schools.

I can't imagine why having three police chiefs is cheaper than having one, for example. Then there's city hall's, traffic courts, and so on. The very few towns that have had the courage to do this, such as Eden, NC, love the result.

A certain inefficiency

A certain inefficiency in government is not always a bad thing. The centralized governments in Brave New World, 1984, and Ira Levin's This Perfect Day were all very efficient as governments go, but few would want to live in them. If we must have a centralized system I prefer one with a lot of cracks and inefficiencies in it, as a sort of safety valve against little men who want to feel big by playing the tyrant. Of course the best modern-day despots would never put it that way; that is what 1984's "doublespeak" is for.

One problem with a centralized government is that it holds a monopoly with few checks.

Again, "small is beautiful."

Also, with distributed government there are fewer big targets for the violent-minded to dream of hitting. From a systems security standpoint, it is better and safer and more robust to have a lot of little targets than a small number of big ones.

And with a centralized government there would be even more pressure to go to huge central schools. The children of Roane County deserve better.

The issues of schools and governments are already crossed.

-- OneTahiti

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