Sep 24 2007
07:45 pm
By: WhitesCreek

Here's your chance to tell everybody about your favorite meal in town...Or outside of town, for that matter. (There's some great sandwiches to be had in the little known country store deli's in Roane County)

Let's hear it! What and Where is your favorite Roane County meal?

Is it a Mama Mia special pizza? A Bob's Burger with everything? Lemon grass soup with coconut milk at Sam's? The Tenderloin at Wayne's? Is it the barbecue sandwich with the special brain melt hot sauce at the Roadside cafe? Let the world know!

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I can't decide...

I just had the Reuben at the Utopia Cafe and loved it. We left Kingston, had lunch in Harriman, and got back to the office in one hour...(well we would have if...)

So I can have the Monday special soup at the Common Ground at Ladd Landing, an amazingly tasteful sandwich at Utopia on Tuesday, Souvlaki at Misael's on Wednesday, Lemongrass soup at Sam's Thai on Thursday, and now I have to find something for Friday lunch before I head to Margaritaville Friday night.

I need input here, people!

Where is Misael's?

A good souvlaki sounds nice! :) Do they have spinach pie too? Lentil soup? Other Mediterranean food? Baba ganouj? hummous? falafel? :)

-- OneTahiti


Located East of Kingston on Hwy 70 at the light you turn right on to go to Middle School.

Misael is the chef who created most of the Gondolier's recipes for 23 years. He cooks what Roane Countians will pay for so his resaurant can survive. The Mexican buffet is very good but I order everything else off the menu...Excellent chicken parmesan!

I need to know...

Where Sam's is... this is the Thai place, right? Donde esta'?


Sam's Thai

Sam's Thai is right smack in downtown Midtown beside the Merita bread outlet store at the traffic light at Hwys 29 and 70.

Open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for Lunch and Supper. (Brown bagging allowed but only if you ask first and behave)

Do they have spinach pie

Do they have spinach pie too? Lentil soup? Other Mediterranean food? Baba ganouj? hummous? falafel? :)

No, I don't think so. But we are in Roane County, so it's hard to veer too far from the chicken strip platter I'm afraid. I still can't buy ground veal in the grocery store to make my Mom's famous meatballs.

But my vote goes for Misael's. I love Gyros. And they have yummy baklava. Both my daughters' favorite is Sam's Thai Kitchen.

If we keep eating at these specialty spots, hopefully they'll keep cooking. Maybe even add a requested favorite to their menu. So let's be sure to visit them all.


Thanks for the information! :)

I got used to all sorts of "foreign" food while living up in Boston and NYC and sometimes still miss it. :)

-- OneTahiti

Foreign food?

You mean like spaghetti and bratwurst?

Vote so Far is Sam's

I have not been here long, but vote Sam's as my favorite meal so far. Good to find Thai in Midtown. The Drunkard Noodle is tasty, as is the Panang Curry.

Pizza Station in Rockwood (they also have a branch in Harriman which I have only visited once) also runs a reliable operation. Although owner Todd Russell is horrible at picking football winners (you can keep up with his record in the Wednesday Roane County News), he and his team make a mean pie (they even have a vegetarian with cauliflower and carrots) and good calzones.


Did you say Calzones?

OMG! I'm going to weigh 300 pounds before this is over.

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