Sep 22 2007
05:41 pm
By: Corvus
Around Roane

Roane's Fine Eating

Try the steak with grilled

Try the steak with grilled onions and swiss cheese at Rookies just above Harriman.....YUMMY

Glad you mentioned that...

Rookie's IS an amazing value for the dollar! And the chef will give you personal attention, make sure things are the way you like, etc. And for a small place, the variety on the menu is amazing! I do concur in recommending it! Never had anything bad there.


Y'know... we could start a trend for local eateries...

to be reviewed, even compared. Although I love food and restaurants, and sometimes wish there were more choice, it ain't right to say Roane County has no place to eat.

We got no Regas or Ruth's Chris Steak House, but if we're not too snooty, we ain't gonna starve, either.

I thought it was cool to know the info about the Reuben and the tater-salid at the Utopia in Harriman. I'm waiting to hear more about the Thai place, wherever it is, 'cause I like authentic SE Asian cuisine.

We don't need no famous food critics.... see (link...)

Could be fun. I could eat too much.


that should have a humor tag

Everybody loves Junior McCullough but "fine" isn't exactly it.

Junior Serves good solid meat and three meals and some great pie. Matter of fact, I need to go by and have a sit down meal at Junior's real soon.

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