Sep 21 2007
12:21 pm

A group of us exalted moral characters went to lunch in Harriman at the "Utopia Cafe" (as shown up top in the RoaneViews banner)...and had a wonderful meal.

Best thing about it was that nobody seems to know about it and we only had to share it with six or seven other folks, two of whom are old friends who snuck up the road from Rockwood.

So bottom line, we have an orbit of lunch eateries and find Utopia worthy to join Sam's Thai, The Common Ground, and a very few others.

This sounds GOOD...

Where is Utopia? I haven't noticed it yet. I reckon I need to wake up!

And where's Sam's Thai? I might like to try that out. Do they have Vietnamese cuisine, too? Pretty authentic?

I hope the place survived all the exalted morals of the gang that went in there - not every place you go is up to it, y'know! ;-)

If I ever get loose at lunch time inside Roane County and go eat, will I know I've arrived if I go in a place and it glows because of a critical mass being achieved?


Man, that sounds good!

I love a good Reuben, too! Good ole pumpernickel, kraut, zesty corned beef, Russian dressing - Yummmm!

Just made fer some good tater-salad, too!

I gotta check this out!

Thanks for the tips!


The sides are wonderful

Best potato salad I've had in a while.

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