Sep 21 2007
10:10 am

The headline for this one puts the wrong spin on the fact that the City of Harriman has been taking the tax revenue for businesses that are in Roane County and not Harriman.

Now Harriman has to pay it back. That's as it should be, but what will the County do with the revenue? How about allocating it straight to the Schools?

You know, one of the listed businesses was the Harriman Utility board location. Don't they know where they are located?

What happened with the HUB is....

... that the payments are "counted" at the point of delivery (i.e. outside the city) rather than the point of sale (i.e. HUB HQ on Roane Street).

It IS confusing. Details on the forms they fill out when they register their businesses that ask for info as to whether inside or outside city limits might help avoid that confusion. We all know businesses that have an address that is associated with this city or that city that is actually outside the city limits.

Honest mistake, but unfortunate for the City of Harriman.


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