Sep 20 2007
08:23 pm
By: WhitesCreek

Web @ Kingston Girls

Hey Players...I'll send over a picture disc before the season ends so you guys will have the blow up sized files for these pix and some you haven't seen. Just remember:

The harder you play...the better the picture...Just sayin'!

GOOD pic, WC!

You[ve done some great photographic work on these pages!


Can you tell I love

Can you tell I love Soccer?

Actually, several folks are posting great shots here. There's a gallery called "Around Roane" that pictures can be uploaded to. The picture on the top right is random from all that are posted here. You can click on any small picture and see it larger, though still web format sized.

This is a beautiful area and deserves to be preserved in the photographic medium.

Absolutely right about our beautiful area.

I'll work on that, WC. Got a coupla decent cameras, and it's right on gettin' to be a prime season for good photos. Do you have any guidelines/rules/recommendations about file size of the jpgs?

On to soccer - I was one of the first to ever play soccer at a nearby Board of Regents university in TN. This was in the Vietnam Era.It was so strange to them they were ashamed to not let us play, but they wouldn't make it a varsity sport, so they called it "extramural" rather than intramural, as we played other schools' teams rather than just among ourselves. Soccer in the US didn't have all the fancy (and, to me, confusing) terms they use now, like striker, etc. We were on the line, half backs, or fullbacks. We did have some designations as center forward, etc, but not the terminology used today.

They did let us play on the main field, but, of course, we had to schedule when nothing else was happening there. We told folks we played a kind of football that wasn't the "woosy" football with all those pads and helmets, and time-outs, and downs, etc. Told 'em we played 2 45-minute halves on a field 125yds long and 75 yds wide. One 15-minute halftime. They were aghast!

Enough for now...


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