Sep 20 2007
01:47 pm
By: WhitesCreek

What is going on in Tennessee? We're getting beat by Florida...And Georgia and Louisianna...No, those aren't UT football predictions...I'm talking about the annual list of most corrupt members of Congress:

We can't get a Senator or Representative on this list? I'm thinking the competition must be pretty steep if that's the case.

Not talking about you, Lincoln...

As a matter of fact, I'm thinking that our friend Lincoln won't ever make that list.

I'm not ashamed or disappointed that our folks aren't on list!

I'm kinda glad - not disappointed at all. Are you disappointed, WC? Would you LIKE to have the Republicans on the list?

I do agree, BTW, about Lincoln Davis. I think he was one of the smartest men in the Tennessee General Assembly, as was Steve Cohen. I'm jealous for the Tennessee legislature that he's in Washington now.


Shades of Gray are tough on you, RB

Steve Cohen is kicking butt in his new home.

But will Lincoln run for Governor?

It's going to get interesting, and soon.

I hadn't thought aout that, WC...

Lincoln running for governor. He's a smart man, and has some good ideas about state government (at least he did last times I was in his office in Nashville). And his executive assistant (can't remember his name - he's from Jamestown, I believe) is an absolute PEACH!


RB said,

Are you disappointed, WC? Would you LIKE to have the Republicans on the list?

I guess you need to actually go to some of the links and read them, and I may have to put a snark tag at he end of snarky posts.

But to save you the trouble...The CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington) list of the 20 most corrupt does have Republicans on it...Four times as many Republicans as Democrats to be exact.

Hi, WC. Didn't mean to imply that...

Republicans weren't or shouldn't be on the list... It just seemed like it was possible you were disappointed that Tennessee's weren't. I'd be saddened to see ANY of Tennessee's legislators on the list, Republican or Democrat. And of course, I subscribe to the belief that just because they're either Democrat OR Republican doesn't necessarily mean they have to be on that list if they got elected and made it to Washington.


It's a freekin' joke, RB

Relax...Even the guys in Lincoln's office thought it was funny.

OK, that's easy to do...

Sorry. Just wasn't readin' the tone of your voice and your big evil grin...

BEECHER! That's the guy in Lincoln's office. What a trooper!


Hey, Whites Creek, don't

Hey, Whites Creek, don't feel bad. Louisiana has been a tried and true leader in this field for over a hundred years. I mean we are talking serious dynasty here.

From the home of "Cool Cash Jefferson"


That's who should be running for TK's seat.


is a super guy. How would Lincoln replace him?

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