Sep 20 2007
09:22 am

Getting over the fact that someone, anyone, in Roane County government wants to know what we actually think...

Tyler Overstreet posted this elsewhere and I thought it was important enough to elevate it to the front page:

I'd like to use this medium to ask for some simple feedback.

Reference the Sept. 19 edition of the RCNews where Comm. Harmon suggests one large High School for our Kingston, Harriman and Rockwood students. He suggested the location beside the Roane State campus.

What was not included in the article that may also be of significant benefit is the increased level of academics offered, like AP classes, dual credit at Roane State, vocational offerings, that type of stuff.

A school like this would likely allow for 1500 students.

Would that be another hand extension for unification efforts in better community harmony?

Have we reached that point in our county where we will give this idea consideration?

Your thoughts Roane County Residents?

I'd appreciate them as I do my job. Thank you.

I'll put this question up in

I'll put this question up in the form of a poll if you folks will help frame the questions.

Your turn!

Good Idea!

I post a lot, so I 'm gonna be quiet a bit and see how others formulate questions. This is a good idea, and I'm glad Tyler has started fleshing it out and wants to hear from the public. Glad also that WhitesCreek is moving. You do an awful lot of good with the conversation starters and thought generators you take so much time in posting here, WhitesCreek. Doesn't matter whether we always agree - getting the thinking juices going is important.


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