Sep 19 2007
10:13 pm
By: Outsider

I believe the Brigadoon development was on the agenda tonight at the County Planning Commission meeting. Didn't seem like much was accomplished or discussed, but I would say that more issues are on the short horizon conerning the property, so stay tuned and ask around. I believe the owner is wanting to build more "lease properties".I think there will be a proposal at the next meeting.

Brigadoon memories

My dear departed Bill ("Professor Bill") used to love Brigadoon.

He would take a break from grading assignments, go down to Brigadoon, buy a sandwich in the little shop, sometimes do some laundry in the little laundromat, watch George, a long-legged waterbird who had taken up residence, enjoy the beauty of the lake, and discuss issues of the day with other local denizens.

He used to talk of one fellow into astronomy and others into various other fields of learning who would go there to while away an hour or two with a book or good conversation.

We were really sad when it was closed to the public. Roane County had lost something wonderful.

-- OneTahiti

How much more can we lose?

The same developer has the turned the 64 acre natural area of Roane County park into a trailer park with the blessing of the previous County Commission and County Mayor. Now I hear that he will bulldoze the beautiful wooded ridge overlooking the park in order to put rental trailers along the top of it.

Was the County's contract that badly written?

We are fast losing the treasures we have held in common for generations.

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Lost Medicaid Funding

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