Sep 19 2007
08:55 am
By: Corvus
Around Roane

Kingston got screwed !!

New sign


The Roane County News has a bit different version

Not sure everybody in Kingston was in on the ruse.

Nah, I doubt they were... in on the ruse...

Some years back - I forget exactly how many - there was a short play produced at Roane State - a historical play - that featured this piece of history. A local person was the playwright... but I forgot who it was. Seems the crafted the play built on historical documents surrounding the life and times in Kingston at the time as well as documents of the legislature then, etc. It was quite the eye-opener.


Nahhh.... as usual in those days...

... it was the Indians that got screwed.

That is an interesting although somewhat shameful part of history. The legislators that showed up for what was planned to be only a legislative session for show - as the plaque says in technical fulfillment - were making fun of Kingston, were insulted that they had to be in such a town and get run over by drunks racing horses in the street (ever wonder WHY it's called "Race Street"?) from one tavern to the next, etc...

Kingston was a rough-around-the-edges frontier town - as they called Knoxville a few years ago, "a scruffy little river town."

The treaty actually called for Kingston to become the capital of Tennessee. They never intended to honor the treaty, but when the Native Americans raised a stink, they said, "OK, we'll make Kingston the capital." They adjourned the legislature, re-assembled in Kingston, some of 'em were pissy drunk, and they had their short ersatz session to be able to say to the Cherokee, "There! We make Kingston the capital of Tennessee!" and away they went!

This part of Tennessee history is an interesting story, but not a shining day in the history of relations with the red man.


Race Street

RB, Please keep it up - you are getting me educated on the local history. I am kinda new around here (47 yrs now) and am not aware of all these neat events. I am actually a "damn yankee" from northern Minnesota wth no intention of ever going back.

Do you have any good stuff on the Campbell High School in Rockwood? What little I know about it seems to be an exceptional story. Most of the young folks in the area never heard of the school nor it's amazing principal, teacher and coach, Dr. John Brown Olinger.

Hey i do

i bought alot of the lumber from that old school when they tore it down, and used it to build my home with several years ago.

There IS some wonderful history...

about the Campbell School in Rockwood. Also the Jameison School in Harriman. Both were schools for the African Amreican community prior to integration.

There is a neat organization of Campbell School alumni in Rockwood. And it hasn't been all that long ago that there was something published about them. I think someone has written a book as well.

From what I can tell, both were amazing places, with some real, high quality education going on there.

BTW - Welcome to Roane County! :-)(belatedly!) We'll be quite happy to have you stay with us.


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