Sep 19 2007
07:39 am

In fundamentalist Muslim countries they cane people for disobedience, but only after some semblence of a trial.

Here in America, we don't use canes...We use Tasers...and there's no trial just Cops.

So tell us...When that

So tell us...When that officer is walking up to your car in Roane County...Do you feel safe?

Doggone right I do.

Was this intended as a leading question to the jury to induce fear into them (the public) about cops in Roane County?

Did you see the tape of the incident?

I'm sure I haven't seen it all, but the clip I saw showed that the individual "got physical" with the officers before he got shocked.


Please don't make assumptions or accusations, RB

It was a question I have been asked so I passed it on.

I did see a tape of the incident, and there was nothing physical that I saw deserving of tasering. I've seen far worse behavior at City Council meetings among elected officials, frankly.

This is a sad incident that further blackens the eye of enforcement personel. It could have been handled in several different ways that would have not made the officers look bad. America distrusts its officers in many cases and this is a bad thing, moreover, it doesn't have to be that way.

Oh, I agree the whole thing was sad....

And if you'll read what I wrote again, you'll see that I neither made an assumption or an accusation: I started WITH A QUESTION. I asked a question because I wanted to know - wanted to know how to interpret the question to which I was referring. That's all.

I did see a tape - and before the taser was applied, the student was struggling and kicking and screaming at the officers as they attempted to remove him from proximity to the speaker. Indeed it it could have been handled several different ways:

1) The officers could have not become involved and allowed him to continue his rant in what appeared (from the camera angle I say) to be quite close to the speaker.
2) The officers could have reacted as they did when he began resisting them and kicking/flailing at them and used the less than lethal force they're trained to use.
3) They could have beat him like Rodney King or worse.
4) The man could have acted as if he were a gentleman. Having a question go unanswered is not often a legitimate cause for acting up. He made a choice.

He had the right to make the choice in his behavior that he made. I'm sure more camera angles will be looked at in determining what was appropriate or what would have been appropriate.

But again - I made no assumptions or presumptions - I asked the question. Had I heard the question in court, I would have wanted to know the intention, which was what I asked for, because without intention being clarified, it could be interpreted as a leading question.


The guy's crime appears to

The guy's crime appears to be one of asking a question that went beyond his allotted minute. Did you see a tape from the start of his question? Sounds like the one you saw was the edited one that started after he was being put down by the officers.

At any rate, tasers have taken the place of sticks. There was no need for him to have been shocked.

I agree that he could have been meek and docile, not asked a fairly important question that several of us would still like to hear the answer to.

view from the right

Here's what a former member of the Reagan administration and contributing editor of the National Review had to say about the incident:

-- OneTahiti

The tape I saw did not show the entire context...

And that makes it hard to make an accurate judgment on the entire episode. The tape I saw showed the kicking and flailing at the officers that directly resulted in the taser use. It did not show all that led up to it in context. That's a shortcoming of the tape... and of the cut and paste method of "journalism" in general.

Tasers are a better tool, generally, than sticks, and less likely to cause unintended results, permanent physical injury, or death than sticks are. Perfect? No. But a useful addition to the options tat are less-than-lethal? Yes.

Asking a relevant or irrelevant question, or one that pissed off the one being asked, or whatever is a different issue than his decision to be physical against the officers or their decision to use a taser. They are related issues, but not the same issue.

At the bottom line it seems there were opportunities ALL AROUND for the entire situation to have been handled differently and/or to have had a different outcome.


It's obvious...

It's becoming more and more obvious that these so called "free speech zone", which once covered every inch of America, have now shrunk to very small areas which now have time limits, too.

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