Sep 19 2007
07:26 am

Most of these scams come from offshore and there seems to be nothing we can do about it.

Unlock your account at PayPal

Your account has been temporarily limited...

We are hereby notifying you that...

So click the handy link and everything will be allright, except it will take three days so don't worry about it...And by the end of three days your credit card will be maxed out to some account in Estonia or Albania or more probably:


Never ever click on the link in these emails! This one...((link...)) didn't go anywhere close to I put the commas in there so it won't work, just in case someone is...well, you know. I said DON'T click it!

This is a valid warning...

And part of a scam called "phishing."

It is one of the most common ways folks' ID is stolen as well as much money gets lost. I get 'em almost every day from folks I KNOW I don't do business with.


I did not click again.

Mr. Neal taught me about not clicking in the last few days. I am becoming a quality grade non-clicker.

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