Sep 18 2007
09:33 pm
By: Outsider

Well I had to pick up an ailing great aunt in Florida today to be with an ailing grandfather...which meant 10.5 hours in a car. So I obliged with continuous non-stop Fox News on XM Radio to suit the almost Ninety Year old Sweetheart. What I realized... thank goodness the story of the day was OJ which we can all agree is a narcisitic moron, so I didn't need Fox to tell me that...but news has really become a gossip column. Not much real content...

The top stories today were:
1) OJ Simpson arrested for getting "his stuff back"
2) Brittany Spears's ex bodyguard telling all to custody hearing
3) UF Student taseared
4) A Flordia Attorney flying to MI to have sex with a fictional 5 year old
5) A distressed mother going through a divorce burning her three children
6) A Labrodoodle saving a neighbors house by barking when it when up in flames
7) A survivalist rapist heading to Canada with his family to run away
8) A mother calling 911 to report her boyfriend of sexually assaulting and hanging her six year old (oh by the way he had kiddie porn)
9) Ray Romano and Sallie Fields getting censored
10) Oh yeah, there is also a presidential race going on and the Fed dropped rates by 50 basis points.

I worry about our world some days....

I worry about our world some

I worry about our world some days....

No problem...I worry about our world EVERY day...It's up to us to keep it going, so hang in there.


If you have XM, there's always Air America on 167. Or even the BBC news, which I have a button for and can't remember the number, sorry.

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