Sep 17 2007
08:38 pm

On a (non-profit board meeting)conference call about 8:15 last night, I had to open an email file that had just been sent out so we could discuss it.

My wife had just arrived home after being gone to visit her mom and we were sharing a glass of wine when the call came in. While trying to juggle things I managed to knock my glass over and pour the contents right into the keyboard of my new laptop. There was an energetic sizzle and pop and things went black. The laptop was pronounced DOT (dead on the table) and I've taken steps to have a new one sent in and retrieved most of my files except for some pictures, which I hope to pull out of the hard drive later on.

Things like that happen, but that's a first for me...I'll recover but that was expensive...

And, dammit, I hate to waste a glass of good wine!

Now THAT'S Sad :-(

Wow! I'm sorry to hear of such a horrible thing happening to anybody. Hopefully you can pull your hard drive out and rescue the stuff. Holy moly, what a trick for Murphy to pull on you! My sympathies!


How's the recovery comin'?

Hope it's goin well!


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