Sep 16 2007
10:00 pm
By: RoaneBooster

"Under democracy, one party always devotes its chief energies to trying to prove that the other party is unfit to rule - and both commonly succeed, and are right."

H.L. Mencken was a neat guy. Helps keep folks thinking. Consider this quote.

To me it should work to keep strong holders of political opinion on any part of the spectrum a bit more "honest." It is such a temptation to be so zealous in promoting those whose beliefs closely parallel our own that we get to the point of imputing bad things and dishonorable motives to those who do not see it the same way.


We do not live in a democracy...

For better of for worse, we do not live in a democracy.

Someone on this forum noted, if I remember correctly, that one of the things we enjoy in a democracy is participatory government.

Well, yes and no. Our government is not really participatory. It is vicariously participatory, because our participation is a part of the electorate. We elect people to REPRESENT our views and interests as THEY execute the functions of government. We live in a representative democratic republic, not in a democracy.


True Believers

Since we are bringing up philosophers and political parties:

In The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements (1951), "longshoreman-philosopher" Eric Hoffer argued that any movement, no matter how well-intentioned and good its beliefs, will as it grows inevitably attract "true believers" willing to do anything, even evil, to further the goals of the movement.

I read that short but pithy book in my pre-teen years, and never forgot its cautionary lessons.

-- OneTahiti

I think Hoffer hit the nail on the head.

It would be rare indeed if what he said didn't come to pass. I've seen it too many times.


Exactly, RB...

And that is why we have to stay on the folks who are supposed to represent the citizens. I think part RoaneViews' function is to help folks "look over the shoulder" of our electd officials and help them remember who they represent and what our priorities are.

I mean, if we just sit back and be ignorant, we might see schools short changed, our public lands handed over to developers for trailer parks, and our taxes spent on industrial parks that don't bring in jobs or tax revenue...or a gold plated jail or something maybe.

Sitting back and being ignorant isn't an option :-)

Will never get a quibble from me on that one.

Until we (county-wise) recover from the financial straits the past several years of "leadership" have put us in, somebody will continually be shortchanged simply because there aren't enough $$$ to go around all the places that LEGITIMATELY need them. That's a sad fact of life. Somebody will do without what they need every year for a while. Hopefully we can "spread the love" around so that it's not always the same folk getting the short end of the stick.

Thankfully we've not given any land away to trailer park developers so far, or built industrial parks that have produced zero taxes or jobs, and thankfully we won't have a gold-plated jail.


You're not serious?

Thankfully we've not given any land away to trailer park developers so far, or built industrial parks that have produced zero taxes or jobs, and thankfully we won't have a gold-plated jail.

You been to Roane County Park lately? And how many years of tax abatement did we give the trucking company that brought their workers from Knoxville? And let's don't get started on the jail in this thread too.

(And while I've got your attention, be sure and break long posts into a teaser and a body by using that break icon for us. I'm sure you've got a few in you and I can't always be here to fix it...And thanks for playing. This is what Roane County needs)

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