Sep 15 2007
03:36 pm
By: Corvus
Around Roane

Roane County's Myth

Temperance University

A beautiful photo, Corvus. Thanks.


But it's a handsome myth...The Temperance University? Wonder what courses were taught there?

Thank you!

You know, I am 29 years old & have lived in Roane County since I was only a month old...and I NEVER knew the story behind the beautiful Temperance Building! I always wondered, and thanks to this site, I now know. :) Thank you! Now I'm off to browse the site & see what else I can learn about our Historic Harriman.

The Temperance Building is

The Temperance Building is also home to a museum stocked full of relics and photos from the beginning days of Harriman. I think hours they are open are by appointment and special occasions, but its worth a few hours of browsing time to see all the donated items.

Also, on the "Temperance" town, back in the beginning days of Harriman all the property deeds had an exclusion written in them that forbade the storing and comsumption of alcohol on the property!

Glad to have you.

Paul aka Mushy has posted some really neat photos of Harriman and Rockwood, is working on a tour of other towns in the conty.


What is this fabulous place?

Please, can someone tell us more? Remember that not all of us get out much. :) It does look familiar....

-- OneTahiti

American Tepberance University

This building, at the corner of Roane and Walden Sts in Harriman, was one of the buildings of the American Temperance University. Founded in 1893, only 2 years after Harriman's birth, it had students from 20 states attending, about 345 or so of then. Two of those went on to become members of the US House of Representatives.

Tain't a myth at all :-) It was real. It taught a liberal arts type curriculum, and was ahead of its time in seeking and admitting female students. Of course part of the teaching was done was "temperance" - which of course is a total misnomer. The adherents of the temperance movement were not temperate at all (i.e. moderate), but were absolute tee-totalers who wouldn't let demon rum pass their lips in any form for any reason.

They were an interesting juxtaposition: progressive (liberal arts university being such a priority in such a small town that it was started within 2 years, seeking and admitting women), yet so non-progressive in its closed-minded approach to beverage ethanol.

Thanks, RB

Nice post! :)

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