Jan 27 2009
03:43 pm
By: WhitesCreek

Due to my shoulder surgery, there will not be any "Rockwood Memories" this week. My surgery was Thursday, Jan.22 and everything went well. Rehab started yesterday and will continue three times a week for ten weeks. It sure has my typing slowed down using the one "hunt and peck" system. Thanks to our fine typing teachers at RHS, Ms. Patton and Betty Bennett Jiles, I am a pretty good typist. I guess it is like a bicycle, never forget it. Thanks for all over your thoughts and prayers, the emails, and phone calls. I missed going to "Yonder Hollow" this past Friday, I think that is the second time in four years although I did listen to it on the radio, 580 AM , WYHM and appreciate the "whooping and hollering" they did for me...Gennell and I will be back there this Friday night. Honey Brassfield and her band from Campbell County are coming down Friday also. She recently wrote a song "Heartbreaker's Alibi" that Dolly Parton and Rhonda Vincent recorded and made Honey a buck or two and has gotten her off to a real big start in the music business. The shows start around 6;30, five bucks admission, plenty of comfortable padded seating, and "Nell" might even bake a pie or two. Plenty of other bands will be there also and lots of "back room" jamming will be going on. I am attaching a website of HoneyBrassfield & Midnight Storm. Click on it and play her songs, come on down to the show and help us promote Rockwood.....Thanks, Ray

Honey Brassfield & Midnight Storm

Good music...And better

Good music...And better looking than the average mandolin player, IMHO.

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