Sep 15 2007
07:45 am
By: WhitesCreek

Roane County has updated its web site(on the right, under government) and has a few things on the calendar now, including the cancellation of the Long Range Planning Committee meeting.

If I were on that committee, the first thing I would do ...

is contact the various colleges and universities around here and see who will conduct the best study of Roane County for the least cost. I would like to see a detailed poll conducted to see what the folks who live in our County actually want.

I'm thinking it would not necessarily be more strip malls, traffic lights, and county land given away for trailer parks.

Nice site so far. Here is a gift

Here's the same county seal, but weighing 6kb instead of 203kb. That will be much better for those in the county without fast Internet. :)

Consider it my gift to the county. :) See: (link...)

Let me know when they have it and I'll take it back down.

-- OneTahiti

I saw that too, 1-T

And the Courthouse shot...But it did give us a really nice high def view of the power lines running through town.

another idea

Nice idea about using the colleges. I'd add the possibility of using a volunteer team of retirees. We have some awesome experience set on the shelf here; everyone would benefit from such a study and the price would be right.

-- OneTahiti

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