Sep 14 2007
07:58 am
By: WhitesCreek

Why is there no celebration of John Muir in Kingston?

"I was a few miles south of Louisville when I planned my journey. I spread out my map under a tree and made up my mind to go through Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia to Florida, thence to Cuba, thence to some part of South America; but it will be only a hasty walk. I am thankful, however, for so much. My route will be through Kingston and Madisonville, Tennessee, and through Blairsville and Gainesville, Georgia. ..."

Sometime between September 13 and September 15 in 1867, John Muir passed through Kingston, Tennessee. He had left Louisville, KY on September 2, 1867 on what he termed "only a hasty walk" on his way to Cuba.

His fascinating journal can be read here.

For my Loudon County friends:

"Philadelphia is a very filthy village in a beautiful situation."

John Muir

From John Muir's 1000 mile walk:

Obtained fine views of a wide, open country, and distant flanking ridges and spurs. Crossed a wide cool stream [Emory River], a branch of the Clinch River. There is nothing more eloquent in Nature than a mountain stream, and this is the first I ever saw. Its banks are luxuriantly peopled with rare and lovely flowers and overarching trees, making one of Nature's coolest and most hospitable places. Every tree, every flower, every ripple and eddy of this lovely stream seemed solemnly to feel the presence of the great Creator. Lingered in this sanctuary a long time thanking the Lord with all my heart for his goodness in allowing me to enter and enjoy it.

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