Early in my Roane County existence, I was told by a fairly influential person that the deal is done "before" the Commission meetings, not "during." I've learned that's true but if the Knoxville News Sentinel prevails in its lawsuit against the Knox County commission...Roane County will have to change the way business is done around here.

We should pay close attention.

A blogger friend of mine is covering the trial as a citizen journalist. Russ will have a good outside perspective on what happens, and whatever we read elsewhere, I totally trust what Russ says.


Thanks for the compliment, Steve. I'm not really covering the trial itself, so much as covering the News Sentinel's reportage of it. Specifically, I'm looking for signs of bias or any indications that the reporting isn't as objective as it should be.

It looks like the NS has tightened up on the whole objectivity thing over the last couple of days, which I consider a positive development.


Ok, try this:

A blogger friend is commenting on the trial as a Citizen Commentor.

(Has anybody else ever thought that "commentator" is a stupid word? Like a common tater.)

And I still trust Russ. ('til he screws up...I got his back...and maybe after that, too)


I'm kinda partial to "freelance ombudsman" myself. ;-)



You and your man buds?

Just tell us what's going on, ok?

Short version

Here's the short version:

Knox County is going to change its official motto to "We can't comment, on advice of counsel."

Dear Roane County:

Please learn from our mistakes.



"Dear Roane County:

Please learn from our mistakes."

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