Sep 13 2007
12:14 pm
By: onetahiti

The full-text search here works beautifully!

I had posted earlier, apparently too soon, asking about a full-text search feature. Mea culpa. This excellent feature will be increasingly useful as this site grows.

Many thanks to the site admin. for making the search available.

-- OneTahiti

Have you tried the search

Have you tried the search box/button over in the right sidebar? Seems to work OK, but maybe there are other specific features you'd like to see?

Yes, I tried it

That search feature is the one I have been trying, with no success. However, it is working now, on the same words it failed on before. Yay! :)

Maybe it only updates once in a while?

I went back and revised my original post.


I tested the search box and got mixed results

sometimes it is beautiful...sometimes it returns a "no matches found."

Working fine right now. Let's watch it and see what happens for now.

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