Sep 12 2007
07:44 am
By: onetahiti

Yesterday several raccoons paraded back and forth on our porch, as they often do. Most had the familiar Common Raccoon look of grey/brown fur with black rings and mask and bits of white. One, however, was different.

He stopped at th window to look in at me, giving me a good look at him. His fur was pale pale beige and his mask was pure white. No black, grey, or brown at all anywhere.

He was gorgeous but looked very different from the usual Procyon lotor.

The closest I could find to this raccoon on Google was a photo of a "red raccoon." The "red raccoon" was not red, but similar in coloring to the raccoon on our porch. However, the "red raccoon" shown had a patch of reddish fur by each cheekbone.

The raccoon here was just blond with that startling pure white mask. If I were naming him he would be a "blond raccoon." Do blond raccoons have more fun? :)

I found pictures of albino raccoons, too, but they were all white with pink or red eyes, not pale beige with white accents.

I wished I were handy with a camera and had been set up to shoot through glass.

Maybe he'll come back.

I love these woods.

-- OneTahiti


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