Aug 21 2007
07:03 am
By: WhitesCreek

I had an email about the banner photos at the top for RoaneViews. Choosing was a difficult task and I still may pester the RoaneViews IT Department into changing them a bit once I settle down.

I haven't decided what to use for Rockwood and Oliver Springs but the goose shot works for Kingston and the Harriman plaque is too good to leave out. it stands in front of the Temperance building in Harriman and is well worth your time to go read.

I left this shot out of the banner but I think it represents any number of challenges we have in this county. How do we keep electing Commissioners that will borrow the money to build a jail for 100 criminals and yet sentence 7000 of our children to substandard schools? I like this shot, so here:

Taken in downtown Kingston.

Jail-email.jpg33.48 KB


Is this like the Emperors clothes or is my computer having trouble seeing the picture at the top of the page? I see nothing except a dark green field with your Roaneviews tagline. Love the blog btb. It lets me keep up with home from a thousand miles away.

Your browser isn't

Your browser isn't refreshing its cache. I had the same problem. It will refresh eventually, or you can force it by removing all temporary internet files, or by setting your browser to check for new files on every visit.

R. Neal was right, as usual.

R. Neal was right, as usual.


We have razor wire here? :( Where is that exactly? And why?

And, there is a RoaneViews IT department? :) Yell if you need help. :)

-- OneTahiti

The razor wire shot was from

The razor wire shot was from the doorway of Fantasy Shears, where Kim cuts my hair, looking straight across the street at the Roane County Jail. If I were to pan left, you would see the front door of the Roane County Courthouse.

(And thanks for the tech offer)

Thanks for the photos and metadata! :)

I'd like to thank you and everyone else for posting photos. I really enjoy seeing places around the county. :)

-- OneTahiti

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