Sep 10 2007
08:56 pm
By: onetahiti

I miss having a Donate button here and was a bit surprised by the ad.

Now I am curious. Please, how is RoaneViews organized? As a non-profit? Something else? I've been promoting this place up all over since we really needed a friendly, polite, non-profit community space. :)

-- OneTahiti

Thanks, onetahiti, what a kind thought.

I would say that the best way to describe RoaneViews would be Dis-organized, since I'm the team leader. It is not, and was never intended to be a for profit operation. (... even The ads you may see from time to time are free at this point, to participants here. They are limited, for now, until we see how it goes)

RoaneViews is essentially a donation to the community from people with a Progressive point of view.

Randy Neal, of, is the mastermind and tech guy behind getting Roaneviews up and running as a place where people could express opinions and ask questions that don't get asked out loud in the normal conduct of our Civic affairs...Questions that even more rarely get answered out loud.

And just so you know...Even the Color of has a significance...We chose one that was three parts blue, one part red, and with a significant amount of green.

So thanks for the offer, but we'll coast along for now. The only donation we really want is people's input, ideas, and information on how Roane County can serve All the People, (including the ones that don't own large corporations.)

Definition Request: "Progressive" point of view

Greetings. I'm a newbie here. I noticed in the post on the monument close up that WhitesCreek capitalized the word "Progressive" in the phrase "Progressive point of vies."

Can we have a bit more of a definition of just what IS a "progressive" POV?



Re: what is the progressive point of view

I'm not sure even the self-styled Progressives agree on a definition or they would be less fragmented and more powerful.

I don't run this place, but as far as I am concerned if people remain polite and nice and nonhateful they are welcome whatever their beliefs.

I hope the same goes for me. :)

-- OneTahiti

That's certainly appropriate

"I don't run this place, but as far as I am concerned if people remain polite and nice and nonhateful they are welcome whatever their beliefs."

Amen. Nonhateful is a prime requirement IMHO :-)


Welcome, by the way


Welcome from me, too! It is nice to "see" you here.

-- OneTahiti

Welcome, RB

Try this for starters.

Ideology is a difficult thing to pin down and I personally hold more Liberal ideas and tenets than I do Conservative.

For instance, I totally distrust corporations even though I own a couple of them. I am a strong believer in environmentalism but I also understand that you can't walk in the woods without leaving footprints.

I have several weapons and am a good shot but I accept the need for the Brady legislation in a rational society.

The Iraq War is stupidity in its highest and longest lasting form, but I honor and revere the people who serve in America's armed forces.

And why in the heck can't we control our borders without that stupid fence? Illegal immigrants are illegal...Duh!

Cheers...and Peace

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